Article Forum Symmetrical Grid Layout

Article Forum Symmetrical Grid Layout

Compatible XF 2.x versions
  1. 2.2
In the default style, an article forum in preview mode has a layout of 1:2:2:4:4 in terms of the number of threads (articles) shown on each row, like so:


This can be changed by adding some custom CSS to the extra.less template.

Equal Grid -...​

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Latest updates

  1. Configuring the layout for 2 or 3 articles per row

    This modification is courtesy of @BassMan The core code is the same as for the Equal Grid -...
  2. Setting a default image

    For threads without images, it is possible to configure those to use a default image. Edit the...
  3. Updated code for the fixed footer

    Added a media query to prevent issues with the fixed footer layout below the medium break point...

Latest reviews

One good example of using this type of layout is to use it for a Trading or Classified Ads area in a forum. All cells are the same size, and the conditional to apply it only to certain nodes is helpful to maintain the original layout in Article forums.