Compatible XF 2.x versions
  1. 2.2
Tired of conversations looking exactly the same as threads?
Didn't think so.

Members getting confused between threads, conversations, and profile posts and keep posting embarrassingly private stuff in threads?
No, mine neither.

Ever felt that XF conversations would ne waaaaaaayyyy better if they resembled one of the well known...
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Latest updates

  1. Code updated

    Fixed an issue with user fields creating blank space below the avatar. See the main resource...
  2. Code updated

    Added a new var to optionally hide your own avatar. <xf:set var="$ctaMessageSelfAvatar"...
  3. Code updated

    Added a new var to optionally hide the online indicator <xf:set var="$ctaMessageOnline"...

Latest reviews

Excellent and great work, Brogan.
I wonder - can you make this also possible for Profile Posts?
I think that will be wonderful to!
Whow. Easy and looks really cool. This look should be the stock layout. Thanks for sharing. But, do I need to do the first step twice?
Only if you miss it the first time.
Easy to install but with a great impact. The kind of thing forums need to remain modern and appealing. And it's free.....
Thank you Brogan!
I didn't think I'd like this, but I really do..! It took a tiny bit of editing for it to look perfect on my custom theme, but I'm very happy with the results.
I hope you paid the £99 per character change charge. If not, I will be forced to not receive any money at all.
I did all of the steps involved for this mod, but tricked it up and did them in reverse. I think it made it even better! Seriously, really like the looks of the conversations with this mod. Thanks!
Looks fantastic, but DO NOT FORGET THAT FIRST STEP. It's very important to making sure the tweak actually works!
I don't know why this is not a official feature in XenForo. Many of this kinds of resources offer a even better solution than the vanilla version. Nice one Brogan, keep up the good work.
Nice as always from Brogan. The introduction is the best. Your imagination is limitless. And I like the cat, btw.
Awesome guide, quick and easy to apply. Superb support as always from Brogan :). More guides please :D
Changed my life. I used to be sad that I didn't know who was talking, if it was me, voice in head, neighbor's cat etc but after I added this am happy again. I highly recommend.