How To Implement SSL To Secure HTTP Traffic (HTTPS)

How To Implement SSL To Secure HTTP Traffic (HTTPS)

Compatible XF 1.x versions
1.0, 1.1, 1.2, 1.3, 1.4, 1.5
This guide should hopefully explain all of the steps required to switch an XF installation from using HTTP to HTTPS.
So for example, instead of the site URL being it will be

What is HTTPS?...
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Thanks for this guide, very thorough and extremely useful. Helped ensure my site had a smooth transition to HTTPS.
I must say very very helpful guide for implementing HTTPS/SSL. Must be looked at before doing so. Thank You for helping.
Lifesaving and perfect, especially when I re-read it and fixed my mistakes. Thanks so much, this was amazing.
Thankful to have step-by-step instructions so that I know I'm not forgetting anything. Helped me a lot, thank you.
This article gave me exactly the items I needed to resolve mixed content errors in the browser. I already had the Apache items done and needed the xenforo specific items
Very helpful. My website now forces HTTPS after we got hacked a while ago. This way, all information are secure!
... awesome. Well written, functional and cool as **** ! If I can do it, anybody can. Great feature to add to a site.
I configured Apache a bit differently than I usually do, but got the forum running securely regardless. This is a good checklist to make certain all aspects of a secure changeover are sorted before going live.
This guide made it ridiculously fast and easy to setup SSL on my site. Thank you very much for putting it together.
This was helpful. I didn't know about Let's Encrypt which was available to me. Brogan's instructions were easy to follow.