TeamSpeak 3 Integration

TeamSpeak 3 Integration 1.1.26

No permission to buy ($35.00)
  • Fix issue with a column not being added in certain cases.
  • Add some missing phrases.
  • Improve reliability and support for IP address ban syncing.
I am currently seeking some beta testers to test the upcoming XenForo 2 version of this add-on against their TeamSpeak 3 servers. Please contact me if that's you. :)
  • Minor change to phrases to improve support for foreign languages.
  • Minor code improvements.
  • Fix a typo from the previous release.
  • Allow users to choose which server groups they'd like synced to their TeamSpeak identity. Off by default, configure in options.
  • Properly disallow users from viewing the TeamSpeak server viewer if they do not have permission.
  • Add criteria to determine if a user has less than X linked identities.
  • Allow admins to unlink identities from users via the user edit page in the ACP.
  • Ensure ban reason is mirrored to TeamSpeak.
  • Assorted bug fixes and code improvements.
  • Fix an issue where friendly names would default to a blank space.
  • Add an experimental feature to associate XenForo user groups based on TeamSpeak server groups. This feature is opt-in and requires configuration.
  • Ensure TeamSpeak identities are correctly banned when warning thresholds are reached.
  • Fixed styling issues with integration test page.
  • Mapping fixes for two-way sync.
  • Fix 'Uninitialized string offset' when using blank spacers.
  • Add the ability to update synced TeamSpeak identity descriptions to indicate forum usernames.
  • Fix an issue when viewing associated TeamSpeak identities when no friendly names had been defined.