External Accounts Extended

Unmaintained External Accounts Extended 2018-03-02

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- Fixed some API changes within various providers.

Note to developers that a new variable was added that handles the authorizing response code, in case the provider uses non-standard response types.

Also, if you just downloaded a package within ten minutes of this update, I have changed some stuff around as to include some fixes for UI.X and whatnot in this version. I am still debugging some template issues so PM me if you are having any!
- Fixed trophies being awarded.
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- Added ability to disable login/registration to force users to use external providers.
- Added user criteria rules for all external providers.

Next versions will probably involve getting the addon ready for 3.0.0 and optimizing everything. Will be including new providers afterwards.
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- Change auth scope of LinkedIn to reflect new scope availability.
- Fixed gender issue in all providers.
- Fixed gender in VK being set to female instead of being set to the VK-defined one.
- Fixed the fix that I thought was fixed by my fix but was not fixed so I fixed it with a new fix but the fix might not fix every fix.
Supports Font Awesome sorta, the default templates of facebook.css, twitter.css, and google.css were edited so they need to be reverted.
- Fixed Template Modifications not being applied.

NOTE: Update optional if addon functions fine. No other changes were made.
- Added Instagram!
- Full support for UI.X now!
- Added CSS sprites for all icons.
- Lowered price to $10 !

The next update will be around making it a little more dynamic, but adding a large amount of new providers!
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- Forgot to add provider inclusion of Strava and Vimeo.
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