1. Jessiray

    XF 2.2 Activation Emails Not Being Sent

    Hello, I am posting on here because I have just installed Xenforo onto my Ubuntu 18 server. I read that email activation should work out of the box with the PHP mailer, however this was not the case. When using the php mailer, I get an 'email successfully sent' when doing an Outgoing Email Test...
  2. Sim

    Twitter integration not working

    After a report from a user that they couldn't log in via Twitter, I confirmed I was having the same difficulty. I checked my Twitter app settings and tried resetting the keys, but still getting the error. It also fails the Tools > Test Twitter Integration test. This is happening on multiple...
  3. dethfire

    XF 1.5 Valid OAuth redirect URIs for facebook login

    Anyone have a primer on what settings to use for facebook login on the facebook dev side? I'm getting these two errors "Client OAuth login is enabled but you haven't listed any valid OAuth redirect URIs or enabled Strict Mode. " "In March, we're making a security update to your app settings...
  4. HeavyB

    XF 1.5 The OAuth client was not found.

    New setup; PHP 5.5, Microsoft Windows Server 2012 Standard, mySQL 5.6.24. Just about everything is going smoothly. Learning a lot on day 1, etc. However, with Google integration I'm having a couple of problems. 1. Have a Google Client ID and Client Secret, and double checked to make sure both...
  5. silence

    Unmaintained External Accounts Extended 2018-03-02

    Want more than Facebook, Twitter, and Google external login abilities? Well now it's here! This addon let's users connect through more services. Currently, it supports the following: - SoundCloud - Tumblr - VK - Odnoklassniki - GitHub - LinkedIn - Twitch - Battle.net (SSL Required) - Microsoft...
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