External Accounts Extended

Unmaintained External Accounts Extended 2018-03-02

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- Added Strava, Vimeo
- Clarified the 'Include All Providers' description to help users understand how it works.
- Fixed 'Minimal List' description, it was backwards.
- Fixed SoundCloud returning homepage when it was supposed to return location.
- Fixed logging dumping user info when prints that it dumps error info.
- Fixed Odnoklassniki, wrong API info was being used when requesting access token.
- Added an option to print errors in more detailed. Please enable and post error dump in post to help me fix the issues you may be having!
- Fixed installer issue. Accidentally renamed function.
- Fixed older versions not upgrading properly.
- Fixed default provider list to include Live.
- Added Microsoft Live support!
- Fixed a number of helpers accidentally overriding abstract functions when unnecessary.
- Fixed minor things with CSS template.
There is a report of redirecting issues so if anyone experiences that, please tell me!
- Fixed order option using old option name, and the default value not being overwritten. Changed the name to allow for new default value. I wrote a function to update the option with new providers so in the future this won't be an issue :D It's located in the Provider model.
- Completely revamped Options for the addon.
- Set the order of the provider to appear on login page. (requested by @veron)
- Display all providers on the 'More External Services' button, while only allowing a few on the main bar.
- Added preliminary support for Style Properties with two being available now: Horizontal display and UI.X support (note it's bugged atm, bug report filed).
- Fixed Steam auth addon not appearing.
- Added provider details to the user page in the Admin panel.
- Fixed 'fields' array in ControllerPublic not being initialized.
- Fixed the EE model unserializing default provider data, Register in ControllerPublic already does this so it ignores the defaults now. Also now respects other third-party (steam auth) addons and won't mess them up either.
- Removed div tag from account_external_accounts_extended to match other formats.
- Removed a ending tag from account_external_accounts_extended in the battlenet section.
- Fixed birthday gathering in '_actionEERegister'. Accidentally made it store in a 'fields' index.
- Fixed 'username' implementation in most providers with usernames and not real names.
- Fixed user-entered information being overwriten by provider information. Registration for new users is now possible.

Thanks to @GliX for posting some of the issues that were fixed!
If you notice any issues please report them immediately!
- Fixed VK birthday (thanks @veron)!
- Reworked the birthday collection process.
- Birthday field in register automatically populates from data collected from providers (if applicable).
- Fixed gender being collected when LinkedIn API does not provide it.
- Fixed birthday collection for LinkedIn.
- Set a static location for icons so all styles will get icons displayed.