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Q: How do I enable the minimal mode?
A: Go to the Admin Panel, then find 'External Accounts Extended' and tick the box labelled as 'Minimal Mode'.

Q: The service, <service> isn't working! What do I do?!
A: Before posting about a service not working, make sure to check the following:
Make sure the scopes are set correctly.
- Most services have options to select the necessary scopes that your API application will request from the user. This addon only needs basic profile information so those related to that should be selected. For example, LinkedIn would need the following selected:

This allows your website to see their profile and email, necessary information to register on your site.

Set the callback URL to your website's specific registration URL.
- Most of the time this only needs to be your site URL, but some services require it to be set explicitly.
The format that needs to be used is the following:
So for example, for LinkedIn on the website testdomain.com, it would be 'testdomain.com/register/linkedin'

Q: I received the error 'An unexpected error occurred. Please try again later.' What do I do?
A: Follow these steps before posting that you are getting this error:

Are the keys correct?
- Make sure the API client key and the API secret are correctly inputted on your forum!

Does your VPS have the correct time?
- I ran into this issue recently where my VPS's time drifted off and any oauth requests to services like Tumblr were simply rejected due to a skewed servertime. This is extremely unlikely to happen, but I only noticed my server having the wrong time because I was unable to login through Tumblr! It's worth a check :)
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