Unmaintained OpenXBL 1.5

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What's new?
  • Xbox DVR
  • Xbox Live Messages
  • Showcase / Hub

Subscriptions on will be going live sometime this weekend or early next week. By default everyone has 500/requests per hour.

Closing Statement

Code is on GitHub. As always, feel free to contribute or ask for help. If you like the add-on please considering giving a review / rating! Thank you kindly. :rolleyes:
  • Bug fixed during new registration
  • [NEW] User / Group Permissions
  • [NEW] Profile Information
  • [NEW] Friends List
ProfilePlacementMemberProfile.png AccountsMenu.png
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  • Added login button to login bar / drop down.
  • Fixed an issue that would override the sidebar login/register button.
  • [NEW] Added custom page for new users who still need to create an Xbox account (template name 'openxbl_no_xbox_profile').
  • Removed an installation step that had you manually enter your URL in openxbl.php.
  • [NEW] Added the ability to properly address error codes.
Noticed a typo in one of the template modifications preventing the login popup menu from working correctly. New XML file uploaded to GitHub to fix this issue. No additional files need to be replaced.
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