1. N

    XF 2.2 API request returning File Not Found

    New to the API requests, but I'm trying to set up a test run for creating a new conversation using cUrl in php and a super user api key. <?php // API endpoint URL $url = 'https://***.com/site/api/conversations'; // API key $api_key = '****'; // Recipient IDs $recipient_ids = [663]; //...
  2. indepth

    XF 2.2 Integrated user model

    I'm actually an XF old but it's been so long I feel like a newb and could use some guidance. Long story short: I just purchased a new license because I saw with the addition of the API / OATH2 in recent years it now appears much easier to add XF onto an existing membership based site. (with a...
  3. Chernabog

    XF 2.2 oAUTH for registration??

    I am working with a developer to create a front end for our gaming community that will verify users against our XenForo database to make sure they have a valid account (banned users would be kept from running the front end software, for example), but we also want to allow the front end to manage...
  4. mattrogowski

    Fixed Forum type filters not applied to API thread requests

    If you make an API call to read threads within a forum, the forum type handler filters don't get applied. So if you have a question forum and requested /api/forums/12/threads?solved=1 the filter isn't applied and all threads are returned. I'm not sure if this is an intentional decision or a...
  5. FoxSecrets

    XF 2.2 How to create custom api endpoints?

    How can I create custom API POST endpoint to my data? I didn't find anything related to it in documentation.
  6. B

    XF 2.2 Fetching all threads in a category via API

    looks like there are endpoints that will allow you to grab all threads from a specific node (forum) but not an endpoint to grab all the threads from a specific category (parent node) get latest threads: /api/threads get latest threads from a specific forum: /api/forums/{node_id}/threads get...
  7. ChadCLund

    XF 2.2 Adding comments to threads with AAPI

    I need some help. I successfully wrote a custom script to import my threads from my MSSQL Server, but I am having an issue importing comments to those threads. My best guess is to use: /api/threads/ or /api/threads/{ID of parent Thread} or {ID of parent forum node} ?? Two questions: which to...
  8. MorganB

    Not a bug API Get conversation from id : requested_conversation_not_found

    Hi, I'm trying to use the service to retrieve information related to a discussion: https://xenforo.com/community/pages/api-endpoints/#route_get_conversations_id_ . I use url : https://...my_site.../api/conversations/9093/ with GET request But it tells me that the discussion is not found , while...
  9. findozor

    XF 2.2 creating thread by guest using api key

    I'm trying to create a topic as a guest using the guest api key and getting an error: Code: "errors": [ { "code": "please_enter_valid_name", { "message": "Please enter a valid name." { "params": [] } according to answer on similar thread...
  10. B

    XF 2.2 API for increasing/decreasing online users count.

    Does anyone know if there is a specific API endpoint intended for increasing the "members online count"? We are using the API to build a mobile app and want to continue to show the true count on the web version with a full tally of online users and guests inclusive of our users on the mobile...
  11. Chernabog

    XF 2.2 API Question for pull requests

    I have a guy working on a way to send new user registrations from the forum over to our game server. He's able to get everything we need so far, but is having trouble with pulling the password. Is there a particular "name" or "call" (I have no idea what the proper word is) that I can tell him...
  12. ⭐ Alex ⭐

    XF 2.2 Can XF Scale Horizontally?

    Question 1: If I were to launch a host XF instance configured as the same forum, as a second node behind my load balancer, given the data and internal_data directories are on S3, would this work without issues or would having a duplicate set of cron tasks that XF schedules in the background be...
  13. MR X

    XF 2.2 cant upload attachment with api | python

    I cant seem to upload attachment in python i have got the attachment key but I'm unsure how to upload the attachments I've tried everything if someone can provide a python sample for how to do it it would be appreciated.
  14. A

    XF 2.2 API Not Returning All Users

    Hello All, I'm using the users API http://forum.myurl.com/index.php/api/users and its only returning the first 20 users. Is there a way to return all users? Thanks!
  15. T

    XF 2.2 Using XenForo as authentication for other subdomains

    Hello all! I'm working on a site that has multiple components - a Xenforo server (e.g. forums.xyz.com), a Laravel API server (api.xyz.com) and a WordPress site (xyz.com). These are all running on the same physical server, but some are using their own web servers. I don't have much experience...
  16. revolveextra34

    PHP checking XenForo user's account data

    I am authenticating XenForo user via php. My code: public function Auth($username, $password) { $userIDA = $this->getarray("SELECT * FROM xf_user WHERE username='".$username."'"); if($userIDA) { define('SESSION_BYPASS', false); // if true: logged in user info and sessions...
  17. R

    XF 2.2 API and Poll results

    I have just started messing with the API and was wondering if there is a way to grab poll results from a thread via the API?
  18. Kruzya

    Fixed "use_tfa" incorrect naming and typing in API

    If we open API documentation for User entity, we can see field named as use_tfa with type array: But in API response for /me action, this field is presented as usa_tfa and in boolean type:
  19. I

    Not a bug API XenForo attachment

    First, i'm sorry because report bug. This is not bug, I can't post on XenForo development discussions.
  20. A

    XF 2.2 API token on API auth

    Hi, We are trying to build an API on xenforo. We need a token for each user - which respects the users permissions. I understand that this token is the one created in admin->Setup->ApiKeys->user->[userName] I suspect that if we use this token in XF-Api-Key - we can make API calls with user...
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