1. B

    RM 2.1 upload attachments using api

    how can i upload attachments using api? please show sample
  2. K

    Xenforo oAuth2 implementation

    Hey all, I've been looking for the following feature in XenForo 2+. To use the XenForo 2 user accounts for other services with oAuth2. I've been looking for such a feature for quite a while now, and I just found this link to an add-on that should add this feature. However I am unsure if this...
  3. sub_ubi

    Fixed API call to resource by id returns an error

    a call to api/resources/{id} returns the following error, { "errors": [ { "code": "server_error_occurred", "message": "A server error occurred during the API request. Please try again later.", "params": [] } ], "exception": {...
  4. szymme

    XF 2 Xenforo with KlickTipp API Connection

    Dear developers, Im looking for someone who can help me to connect the KLICKTIPP.DE API with the Xenforo Registration. That means, that the users who register on my xenforo site will be added too to the "KlickTipp E-Mail List" database. Here is the to do in german: Klick-Tipp |...
  5. djgxp

    Fixed Api get threads with filter last_days

    By default, last_days is defined in Xenforo and if you are not adding any filter parameter to /api/threads/ you are getting something like last_post_date > 11111111 (where 11111111 here is the timestamp of the current date minus 1 month). if I set /api/threads/?last_days=0 in order to get all...
  6. djgxp

    XF 2.1 How to get a thread url from XF Api ?

    Trying to play a little bit with the API, I could see JSON thread documents with posts and so on but I didn't see anything like a canonical url of the thread or even a path that would allow me to recreate the thread URL from an external site. So did I miss something or this is something that we...
  7. Brent W

    XF 2.1 What would creating a new thread look like using the API with Guzzle?

    Trying to wrap my head around this. Making a get request is pretty simple for just a thread. Using this documentation: https://guzzle.readthedocs.io/en/latest/quickstart.html Using this within Wordpress. Working get request: <?php define("WP_USE_THEMES", false)...
  8. korkusuz212

    When you past the XF 2 from MyBB, FB User Login Problem

    Hello I am just trying to figure out that when we just change our system of from, mybb to xenforo 2, what is going to be happen for fb api login users? Do we have any chance to transfer them all to login with xf2 fb login api. Thank you
  9. S

    XF 2.1 Enable CORS for the built-in API

    Good day, I'm trying to develop an app that is going to fetch data from my forum using the built-in API, I'm developing this app in my local environment using Angular but when trying to request data from the API I get the "No 'Access-Control-Allow-Origin' header is present on the requested...
  10. Brent W

    How are you using the API in 2.1 with Wordpress?

    Is anyone using the new API with Wordpress? I am beginning to look into using it to create a thread when a Post or Page is created under certain circumstances. When a post or page is created two things would happen: The thread id or url of the new thread would be stored in a custom field so...
  11. Brent W

    API: When Creating Thread also allow creating a poll with the thread

    As title says. When you create a thread via the API, also allow the ability to create a poll with it.
  12. M

    Duplicate API for xf2.0

    I use a membership plugin - DigitalAccessPass.com - There is an API for xf1.x, but none so far for xf2.x. I have my WordPress site ready to launch using xf1.x. I would prefer to use xf2.x, but can't because of the API problem. Is there any possibility that there will be an API developed in...
  13. ibnesayeed

    Not planned GraphQL API for XenForo

    I am a big promoter of REST APIs (not just HTTP APIs), for which there is already a very popular feature request thread, Full native RESTful API built into XenForo. However, I have been exploring Facebook's GraphQL lately and found it very interesting and efficient in certain situations. XenForo...
  14. NinaMcI

    XF 1.5 Using an external API to publish content in a page node

    Hi, I would like to create a directory of online courses on my xf site using an external course catalog API. The catalog API is a RESTful API that uses JSON for the data exchange format I have been given access to the API documentation with the base URLs and example requests. However, I don't...
  15. ScottehBoeh

    Add-on Minecraft-based Login (Login with authenticated Mojang accounts)

    A login system that relies on users to login with their Minecraft Username/Password (mojang account). I am willing to pay for this add-on to be created.
  16. x8BiTw0LFx

    Add-on PSN user login

    Hi :) I just saw this: https://xenforo.com/community/resources/openxbl.5436/ and wondered if it's possible to do with PSN? My forum is a Playstation forum and this would be a great addition for it :) Best regards Christian
  17. wcbryant

    Implement Google's Perspective (moderation;machine learning post/user toxicity API)

    While there is already a movement to create this as a third-party addon, this would seem to fit right into the philosophy and direction of the core product and current suite of moderation and filtering controls. https://www.perspectiveapi.com/ Being able to give moderators the ability to have...

    Unmaintained OpenXBL 1.5

    About OpenXBL OpenXBL is a free to use Xbox Live API and includes friendly documentation, tutorial videos, and sample projects to get you started. What started as an example project to show the power of OpenXBL turned into a mature XenForo Add-on. With premium-like features and clean GitHub...
  19. Phantro

    Xen API or XenPorta? Coming from SMF SSI API (Wants to go for XenForo)

    Hi guys, I have an website of that is almost everything integrated by using SMF SSI. When I try to find some topic about this over here on xenforo. I have found some old posts from 2010 and 2013, and maybe these days we have something better. The most needed function is something like this...
  20. ryladine

    XF 1.5 Remote User Modifications - API or Database?

    I was wondering where everyone else stood on the matter, I'm about to build a "panic" system for my community that will allow immediate removal of a user from all systems, and I'm planning how I want to integrate Xenforo. I could do it by directly modifying the database, but I've also seen a...