1. PhilCanavan

    Add-on OpenXBL For XF 2.1

    I have spoken to the guys behind OpenXBL and they have give me permission for this* OpenXBL For XF2.1 What started as a project getting it working for my site grew to accomodate all those looking for an Xbox Leaderboard. I still run XF2.1 hence why it was made to work with that. With help...
  2. PhilCanavan

    XF 2 Xbox Live Leaderboard

    Hi all, So there's no active working Xbox Leaderboard, however the cloest is from TACTICS using XBL.IO. I actually found a beta release on the discord server (only alpha listed on here) but he closed channel down to reply in as no longer supported. From a forum stand point it works fine, as...
  3. Demon_skeith

    Gaming Latest

    Site Name: Gaming Latest URL: Years Active: Almost 14 years! Why join?: Gaming, tech, anime and anything newsworthy can be found on Gaming Latest. Every second spent on GL is worth it to make new friends and turning our forum currency into actually gaming money for...
  4. Portal Pro - Gaming/esports theme

    Portal Pro - Gaming/esports theme

    Upper portion of Portal Pro theme, a wide portal-style theme for gaming communities
  5. Oblivion Knight

    Gamepad Icons 1.0

    Ever wanted to spruce up your gaming community by adding PlayStation and Xbox controller buttons to your posts and/or content? Now you can.. :) Demo: It should be noted that I did *not* design these icons, I have adapted them for use with XenForo. I am distributing them under the same...
  6. PXB

    Xbox integration

    Hi. I would like an addon that could display an Xbox Live leaderboard (based on Gamescore) of registered users on my site, and if possible some details like Gamescore and the games that the user own. The exophase is the best example of this work: User...
  7. Nulumia

    Style New Gaming Style (WIP), feedback welcome!

    Hi all, thought I'd share a new gaming style in the works, just curious if anyone finds it cool or has some feedback! This one is called Modern Gamer, and is a fairly reworked version of an old unused portfolio piece. I wanted this style to be a bit of a throwback to the old gaming portal...

    Unmaintained OpenXBL 1.5

    About OpenXBL OpenXBL is a free to use Xbox Live API and includes friendly documentation, tutorial videos, and sample projects to get you started. What started as an example project to show the power of OpenXBL turned into a mature XenForo Add-on. With premium-like features and clean GitHub...
  9. yazer

    Add-on xbox and psn leaderboard

    Hello, been looking addon like this for long time now, found website with API for showing stats like tophies, the site is and it be great if someone could point me in right way it be great thanks