Unmaintained OpenXBL 1.5

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Compatible XF 1.x versions
  1. 1.5
Additional requirements
OpenSSL (HTTPS), OpenXBL Application Key
Visible branding

About OpenXBL
OpenXBL is a free to use Xbox Live API and includes friendly documentation, tutorial videos, and sample projects to get you started. What started as an example project to show the power of OpenXBL turned into a mature XenForo Add-on. With premium-like features and clean GitHub documentation anyone can get started regardless of programming knowledge.

Get Authenticating
This add-on will allow your users to associate an Xbox Live account to their profile and/or "Log in with Xbox Live."

Be A Community
With the Xbox Live Showcase and Hub your users can share game clips and screenshots directly from your website. No need for extra steps and no strings attached.

Stay Connected
Users can view their friends list, send Xbox Live messages, and view profile information.

It's XenForo After All
  • Reward users with a custom trophy
    • Go to /admin.php?trophies > Award This Trophy If... > Privileges and Status
  • Extensive User/Group Permissions
  • Compatibility
    • Widget Framework (show the hub)
    • TaigaChat (announce user sharing Xbox DVR)


Need Help?
Join me on Discord with this invite -

What You'll Need
Installation Steps
  • Upload contents of 'upload' folder to XenForo root
  • Go to your XBL.IO profile and set up the 'Xbox App' in your profile.
  • Inside the XenForo settings for OpenXBL put your Application Key in.
    • Home > Options > OpenXBL

This is just a beta and is an early release so it only supports single sign on for now. It is open source so you can start changing that if you'd like. If not, I will be working on rolling out future updates which include:
  • Achievements
  • Clubs

Is visible but you can remove it if you want (open source) so no I won't be offended.

Final Comments

I am the sole developer of this add-on and I also own OpenXBL. All resources are free to use and requires no payment information. You just simplify need an account so this add-on works properly. I do not work for and I am not endorsed by Microsoft, Xbox, or any of its subsidiaries. Everything is kept organized in the GitHub repository.

Please feel free to contribute, comment, or ask for help.

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Awesome easy to setup and works good as far as I can tell. I had some trouble at first but the creator helped. You should however put in the requirements that it requires mcrypt php package/module
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