Steam Authentication & Integration

Unmaintained Steam Authentication & Integration 1.6.3

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For our game related forum this is a must have plugin, this is what makes our forum. Can't believe it's free, quick and easy to install and full integration, really good plugin!
Working great! No issues to speak of on the latest version of xenforo. Was very easy to install and set up :)
Just an amazing plugin. A must addon for everyone that runs a gaming community. Kudos for creator who is making this for free!
Quick and Easy install, looks great and works great. A welcome addition to my site. Thanks for this !
All I can say is this is a great plugin and thanks for the work put into it.

Feature packed easy to use/install and it works great with the latest version of Xenforo.
Works good. Thank you for the update. I was able to update and login successfully with this new version.
Update is good.

Wish version requirement was optional. I updated to latest version of Xenforo and this installed and worked for me.
This Addon Good he help me from Some Users i hope this addon help all gaming for register I wish from the developer updates that are after in a much better
Not only is the login method flawless (which was enough for me), but it also collects some cool stats on the most played games of forum users! And throphies based on which games someone has.
I can recommend this for any gaming forum.
A very useful add-on for any gaming site. Well supported and continually improved. I have used this add-on since it was first submitted. I loved it then and now.
Amazing! Very easy to set up and my group loves it already. I would recommend this to anyone who has a group that all game through Steam. Please keep up the amazing work.
This is what i have been looking for and all these details they are great i will have to check this add now and see how it goes . And thank you again for this wonderful addon
Quick hel with problem, solved it also!
Good job, keep it up.
No problem. It was great that we were able to figure out the issue and get it resolved.
Login works perfect! (see: May Steam is extending their API to include new sale games sorted by platform? Anyway, thanks for this Addon. Where can I donate :)`?
Awesome add on, new update is brilliant thank you
Thank you for the review!
Awesome addon, prefect for the community I run too. Dev seems to give great support, and also be open to changes/fixes. Which is simply amazing considering the addon is FREE already! So happy I decided to give this addon a try. My members are loving it.
Always a pleasure to hear feedback, especially to hear that the addon is positively affecting your community.
Honestly loving it.. Still diving through configurations but it's amazing :)
Glad to hear that you enjoy it. Thanks for the feedback!
A must have for any gaming forum. I have ~100 daily users and this has been a total hit with them. The developer was quick and helpful with support.

Suggestions for improvement:
- Allow non-steam users to disable/hide
- Option to not load Steam avatars (We already have our forum avatars, loading another seems gratuitous)
- If someone's profile is private, it displays a message that currently gets cut off, saying "this profile is p"
Thanks for the suggestions! As for the first one I can look into it as an option. Currently you can disable it for guest as an admin, but having that as a setting in the UCP wouldn't be such a bad thing. Second is another good option, I'll see if that's possible to implement. The last one sounds like the profile doesn't have enough width in the CSS code. The info lines don't break because if they did, people with long steam names or game names (like AaaaAaa) would push the rest of their status out of the box. Lesser of two evils, heh.
This addon is exceptional. Keep up the great work!
Will do. Been a bit crazy towards the end of the year, but I should be releasing more updates here again in the near future.