external accounts

  1. RavenFeatherwing

    XF 2.1 Registration via Active Providers

    Hi folks! I'm setting up a new site (using XF 2.1) that'll be linked with an external service (Discord) and I'd like to know if there's any a way to use one of the connected account options as the default registration method in place of the standard registration form. I've done a little bit of...
  2. dlinstedt

    XF 1.5 XenForo google - request for too much information

    I have a question. I'm using this plugin: https://xenforo.com/community/threads/external-accounts-extended-paid.68758/page-25#post-1054356 I contacted the developer (see the last message / post), and basically they said XenForo controls what and how much information is requested by Google...
  3. ThemeHouse

    Unmaintained [TH] Auto-Associate External Accounts 1.1.0

    What does this add-on do? This add-on removes the requirement to enter a password when logging in with an external account for the first time. If a user clicks the 'Login with XXX' button and already has an account on your site with a matching email address, the account will log in without any...
  4. HowIChrgeLazer

    Unmaintained Steam Authentication & Integration 1.6.3

    Steam Authentication Version >= 1.6 is compatible with Xenforo 1.5! Steam Authentication Version 1.4 and 1.5 is compatible with Xenforo 1.3.x and 1.4.x! (No longer supported once XenForo 1.5 is released) Authenticate to your XenForo forum with Steam! Steam Authentication & Integration allows...