Plugin Nodes

Unmaintained Plugin Nodes 1.2.1

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Fixed a bug where plugin nodes set to be visible in the node list did not display correctly in subforum popup menus.

Previously in such popup menus they displayed their replacement code, which was not intended. They now display a regular link to the standalone page or the parent of the node if there is no standalone page, just like any other node type.
You should install this upgrade for improved efficiency and functionality. Previously, template variables had to be specified for plugin nodes using PHP-serialized arrays. For example...
  • a:1:{s:4:"room";i:1;}
  • a:2:{s:6:"result";s:10:"successful";s:5:"color";s:5:"green";}
Well, that format is cumbersome for humans to write from scratch. So template variables now use JSON! Now those same examples look like...
  • {"room":1}
  • {"result":"successful", "color":"green"}
This should make template variables much easier to use. If you already are using template variables for plugin nodes on your forum, they will automatically be converted to JSON when you do the upgrade, so you should not need to do it manually.

I updated the pictures in the add-on overview to modernize the examples that were there before. Let me know if you have questions or issues!
I've added compatibility with the Nodes Grid add-on by Rellect, an add-on which allows you to display your node list (ie. forum view) in two columns instead of one big wide column. If you do not currently use Nodes Grid, you don't need to upgrade at this time, because there have been no other substantial changes since the last version. If you already use Node Grid, this will allow you to do cool things like put two plugins side-by-side, useful if for example you want to be able to interact with two third-party chatrooms on screen at the same time.
I updated the Overview tab to show an example of how to integrate an ArrowChat embedded chat room into the forum list. This is because it can be kind of hard to conceptualize what the point of the add-on is and I want you to see an example of it being put to its full use if you've already downloaded the add-on and had difficulty achieving what you wanted.