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Unmaintained Plugin Nodes 1.2.1

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How do I get this to work with [arbitrary integrated third-party software]?

You will need to get the required integration code from your third-party application (generally it is HTML code that you are supposed to paste into your site where you want the application displayed) and use that as the code for your plugin node.

If you need assistance with a particular application's integration technique, please ask for help in the discussion thread.

How do I use template variables with a custom template?

Check the screenshots for an example of how to correctly pass template variables to a template and reference them from the template. You just need to pass in a JSON-encoded associative array of all of the variables you want the template to receive.

You can easily build a JSON-encoded array using one of several online tools (such as this one) or by learning the syntax and writing your own. They're very clear and human legible. If you need assistance, however, please ask for help in the discussion thread.