MineSync, for XF1

Unmaintained MineSync, for XF1 2.1.2

No permission to buy (£30.00)
We currently include 12 months complimentary support and updates with all license purchases. As of 1 May 2019, this will change to a 6 month period. As usual, it will be possible to renew licenses to extend the support and updates period.

Customers who have purchased licenses already, or purchase before 1 May 2019, will still have the standard 12 month support and updates period.
This update contains an update for the server nodes only. If you are upgrading from 2.1.2 you do not need to upload any new files to your XenForo installation (you should only use the new .jar file in the "Server" directory). Please refer to this article for more information on versioning.

Server update S2.0 -> S2.1

This update contains various code improvements, stability and cleanup. It also contains bug fixes. In summary;
  • Bug fix: New link commands would not be issued in some cases. This has been fixed in this update.
  • Build on top of Bukkit 1.13 (previously 1.12 in S2.0)
  • Use Text (instead of the deprecated Fanciful) as our library for formatting messages
  • Update & cleanup project dependencies
  • Remove old, deprecated classes (e.g. database wrappers)
The price of MineSync for XF1 has increased from £25.00 to £30.00 (excl. VAT). We believe this price fairly reflects the time and effort we put into support and maintenance.
MineSync 2.1.2 addresses some critical bugs in the 2.1.0 release. Please also read the 2.1.0 changelog and the specific update instructions if upgrading from 2.0.x to 2.1.x.

  • Set all column defaults for some users upgrading from versions without proper column defaults
  • Fix abstract upgrade database changer (updates may not have been applied in some cases for new database changes)
MineSync 2.1.1 addresses some critical bugs in the 2.1.0 release. Please also read the 2.1.0 changelog and the specific update instructions if upgrading from 2.0.x to 2.1.x.

  • Fix a bug where updating player data requests would produce errors
  • Fix versioning ID being out of scheme
MineSync 2.1.0 includes a large amount of performance improvements, underlying code changes and bug fixes, and we're very glad to bring this update to you.

This is our first major update to MineSync 2.x with various underlying code improvements. We continue to be committed to keeping the 2.x (XF 1.x) branch of MineSync filled with new features and bug updates that become available to the 3.x (XF 2.x) version.

IMPORTANT: MineSync 2.1.x changes the layout of the add-on drastically. It's important that you read the specific update instructions for 2.0.x -> 2.1.x before upgrading MineSync.

  • Apantic Core has been removed and is no longer a dependency for MineSync 2.x. The necessary components of Apantic Core have been integrated into MineSync directly. Apantic Core should be uninstalled before updating. This is elaborated in the above update instructions.
  • The directory and code structure has been changed. MineSync is no longer located in /library/Apantic/MineSync2, but rather /library/nanocode/MineSync.
  • Delete duplicate, unprocessed update entries that could be created due to a MineSync node being hosted on multiple Minecraft servers. Only the most up-to-date entry is processed.
  • Continued/improved use of database transactions to prevent partial data w/ errors from being committed, hence ensuring data integrity.
  • Transactions have been optimised to help prevent MySQL lock errors
  • Misc. database optimisations
  • Save dates on user updates (e.g. new usernames or groups being sent to the site)
  • Fix a bug where a closed or permission-limited board would break API access
  • Implement additional checking to prevent partial player updates (or an error due to this)
  • Alter table definition for xf_user:apms2_groups (varbinary -> varchar)
  • Add 'ncms_linking_disabled' phrase (missing in previous versions)

Primarily through the optimisation of database transactions, and the additional consideration of duplicate entries, performance/load should be drastically improved (especially for larger networks, and medium-sized networks with weaker web servers).
This update is a x.x.X level release. This update involves various important changes to note, even though we have classified it as a maintenance level release.

This update contains the following bug fixes / other changes:

The MineSync plugin (server node) is now maintained independently of the XenForo version. The new versioning is designated with a prefixed S on the server node. See the versioning changes article for more information.

The server plugin contains the following changes:
  • Bug fix: Some command phrases were not available for customisation in the lang files. Those have now been added to the lang file, and can be customised.

* This is partially due to a small message user bar in the default XenForo style. This release makes it so when you increase the size of the message bar, the username area size also increases, which allows full (longer) usernames to be displayed. Many styles already have larger message user info areas, so this change should be instantly visible for those communities. Others may need to adjust style properties.
This is a bug fix update. The following bug(s) have been fixed in this update:
  • An error was fired when creating a user via the ACP. This has been resolved.
MineSync for XF2 has been released.

The XF1 version will continue to be maintained.

You can view the XF1 version on XF resources at: https://xenforo.com/community/resources/minesync-for-xf2.6091/
You can purchase at: https://nanocode.io/products/minesync
  • Fix a bug where registering with MineSync would not work if registration was a requirement
  • Remove the contacting of Mojang's external API to fetch user information