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Unmaintained MineSync, for XF1 2.1.2

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This update is a x.x.X level release, so it maintenance release. This update contains the following bug fixes / other changes:

* Bug fix: forcing registration via Minecraft server now properly works.
* Bug fix: The registration page, when registering and linking an account at the same time, correctly shows your avatar.

Customers can download the update from their licenses area, at: https://nanocode.io/licenses
MineSync v2.0 marks the first stable release of MineSync v2.

Since v2.0-rc.1, we've done some more bug fixes to ensure the v2 branch is stable for use on customer forums. The full changelog is visible to customers in the licenses area.
This is our first release candidate release for MineSync.

This release fixes some bugs reported within MineSync and reorganises some code. This build shows assurance that the build should be free of bugs after extensive internal testing and community feedback.

Changes include:
  • Better error if changing groups is disabled
  • Fixed priority group selection, which actually respects the priorities set
  • Fixed automatic changing of groups if a higher priority group is later assigned
  • In-game relinking disabled. If you already linked a forum account, you will need to unlink before you can link another account

Thank you for bringing bugs to our attention. We are excited to announce a full stable release of MineSync 2.0, and look onto implementing new features in future versions.
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MineSync 2.0 Beta 3 (2.0-beta.3)

We're excited to bring this update to you!

This fixed most of the bugs reported to us reported in earlier versions, including the /register bug. We also added new features and UI improvements, such as a colour picker, searching on XF by username/UUID, and a "link your account" notice.

Full changelog:
  • /register command fixed! /register will now properly create a register key and allow users to register on the forums
  • Detect when players have already registered on the forums (
  • On registration, we show the user the account they are linking with (
  • Fixed a bug where an empty API IPs allowed box was not recognised as empty
  • Added the ability for admins to disable changing of user group tags (via XF options)
  • Added the ability for a new priority group to be set on each update (e.g. a user is a VIP and has the VIP tag, and is later added to moderator, they will now automatically have the moderator tag without having to change it manually)
  • Admins can now search for users by either their Minecraft username, or UUID (
  • Colour pickers have been added so you can choose colours using a friendly GUI, rather than entering hex codes (
  • A notice is added to the forums for registered users that have not linked their account, prompting them to link their account. You can edit this to style your needs (e.g. you can list incentives for linking an account), and it can be disabled via the XF options
  • The misleading 503 error code for invalid API credentials has been changed to 401 (unauthorised) to make it easier to debug
  • Various other bug fixes

As always, this is beta software. This may contain bugs. If you find any bugs, please report them to us. We believe we have fixed all reported bugs in this version, and hopefully if we receive positive feedback we will be able to go gold with this version soon! Any further suggestions or bugs should be directed to our support team (support@nanocode.io) as soon as possible!

For full upgrade instructions, see: https://apantic.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/115003524129

To download or view more information, visit: https://nanocode.io/products/minesync.10
The long awaited MineSync 2.0's first public build is now available to all customers. Customers can still use the stable 1.0 version.

Official Announcement

Installation instructions are available in the documentation. It is important you read the documentation before installing this add-on!

A summary of features is available here, but the list is not exhaustive. 2.0 is not feature locked, more features are to be added through the beta builds as we ensure the current build has all promised features.

  • Complete recode of the software. MineSync 2 has been rewritten from the ground up using a new Apantic Core
  • Account syncing has been globalised and improved in a major way*
  • Allow users to select group on profile and posts, view their linked user information and unlink their account*
  • Allow users to do /register in-game to register an account on your forum. You can also limit registrations to this
  • Better support for group changes (promotes, demotes)
  • Administrators: to manually change the settings of a XenForo-Minecraft linked user*
  • Administrators: More user friendly, allowing administrators to set group colours through the panel rather than through templates*
  • Administrators: More options to control MineSync*, including changing the avatar URL
  • Run commands after a user links their account*
  • Set group order priorities, so certain groups (such as moderator) will automatically take higher importance over other groups (such as VIP)

* This is a changelog. For a full list of features, please read the announcement thread

This build can be used in production, however, we recommend you make appropriate backups and test the build out on a local board as well. It has already passed alpha tests with a closed group of customers.
Bug fix:
  • Bug fix for syncing user groups to XenForo