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Unmaintained XenForo SDK 0.0.1

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Compatible XF 1.x versions
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Simple SDK to allow using the XenForo Classes, Helpers, Templates etc.. outside of the XenForo Scope.

  • Check if user is logged in
  • Login
  • Logout
  • Validate Login Information
  • Verify Username
  • Verify Email
  • Encrypt/Validate Passwords
  • Create Users
  • Get current user/visitor information
  • Get forum/forums (using ids or conditions)
  • Get thread/threads (using ids or conditions)
  • Render Public/Admin Templates
  • Get all options
  • Get single option
Contribution/Suggestions are welcome. Please use the following repository for changes:


$sdk = new XenForoSDK;

$loggedIn = $sdk->isLoggedIn();
if($loggedIn) {
    echo 'Logged In';
} else {
    echo 'Guest';

// Validate loing
$valid = $sdk->validateLogin('', 'password', $rememberMe, $loginUserIfSuccessful);

if($valid !== true) {
    echo $valid; // will display the error

// Login user
$user = $sdk->login($userId, $rememberMe); // no validation

// Logout

// Hash password
$passwrod = $sdk->setPassword('test123', 'passward_confirm'); // returns array scheme_class and data

// Add new user
$newUser = $sdk->addUser('', 'myusername', 'mypassword', array('someotherdata' => 'someothervalue'));
if(is_object($newUser)) {
    // user was not created show error
    echo $newUser;
} else {
    // user created, $newUser holds id
    echo 'New User ID: ' . $newUser;

// Get all forums
$forums = $sdk->getForums();

// Get one forum
$forum = $sdk->getForumById(2);

// Get all threads
$threads = $sdk->getThreads(array()); // will show all so make sure to add conditions

// Get one thread
$thread = $sdk->getThreadById(2);

// Get current user
$user = $sdk->getUser();

// Get other user info
$user = $sdk->getUser(2);

// Get current visitor/session info
$visitor = $sdk->getVisitor();
$session = $sdk->getSession();

// Get options/option
$options = $sdk->getOptions();
$option = $sdk->getOption($key);

// Render public/admin template
$output = $sdk->renderPublicTemplate('template_name', array $params);
$output = $sdk->renderAdminTemplate('template_name', array $params);
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A lot of people seem to like this and now I am one of them. Why didn't people send me here when I asked how to login and create members from an external php program?
Good Job! This will answer a lot of peoples questions. :)
thanks ^_^