[cXF] QuickSearch customizations

[cXF] QuickSearch customizations 1.0.0

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~"Rate this resource"~

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Well frankly, let's get one thing straight!

I don't much care for no gott dang rating boxlet's demands of explanation, to be entirely unambiguous!

As the great Gretchen Thunberger once proclaimed: "HOWE DEAR EWE!", or some such profundity.

...Now...😎behold as I "comply" ******!


•f) We're talking about the legendary BassMan's fine craftsmanship here!

•i) Anything less than 5/5★ would be blasphemy!

•v) Seriously though..as is the case with another 10 CustomizeXF.com utility enhancements currently installed...all have/and are working perfectly.

•e) There is no shadow of doubt in my mind, [cXF] 'Quicksearch Customizations' is indeed solid af!

•s) Never once has it, nor any other ever performed otherwise precisely as described.

•t) And yet, were ever a scenario in which this, or the other reliable utilites seeming as if to fall short...

•a) ...it is safe to say, one may rest assured, as BassMan is synonymous with promptly setting things in appropriate order.

•r) [cXF] products, service and customer support are unparalleled!

•s) Top notch all round! 😎👍🏆
Thank you very much for your review.
Thanks!! It's just what I needed!!
Very happy with the result obtained.
The developer is very attentive and always sharing very good addons to the community ;)
Thank you for your kind review.
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