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Unmaintained XF2 Docker Container 1.0.0

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Compatible XF 2.x versions
  1. 2.0
Additional requirements
Docker, Docker Compose
Visible branding
A docker container intended for development within XenForo.

1. Copy docker-compose.yml and the docker into your xenforo root directory
2. Edit your config.php to change the database details to the ones in the FAQ page
3. Run docker-compose up
4. Open your browser to localhost:8585 and run the XenForo install script (if you don't have an existing config.php file just enter the details from the FAQ page into the install process).

Starting the docker containers:
docker-compose up

Running XenForo SSH commands:
docker-compose execute xf2-php-fpm php cmd.php ...

These containers are NOT meant to be used in a production environment.
Jake B.
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I wasn't thinking about docker containers with XenForo but this is a good idea. Good resource with compose. Ps: I prefer using a haproxy container for directing ports to subdomains with ssl. Maybe it can be good idea for this resource too. If you don't think so, i am open to offers for increase my knowledge on containers :D
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