XFtoWP - XenForo to WordPress Integration

XFtoWP - XenForo to WordPress Integration 1.3.1

No permission to buy ($79.00)
Compatible XF 2.x versions
  1. 2.2
Additional requirements
WordPress 5.0
Updates duration
1 year; save 25% on license renewals
Visible branding
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Reliably connect your XenForo forum to WordPress website(s)*.

Sync user registrations and account details, automate group promotions, send messages, and everyone's favorite—use thread replies as blog and page comments.

XFtoWP is a must-have for every WordPress and XenForo website duo.
* XenForo 2.2+ and API key access required.

XFtoWP top features:
  • User sync: Register and sync users across installations in a safe and performant way.
    • Sync registrations, logins, deletions, and profile updates
    • Create automated User actions to promote and demote usergroups
    • Send alerts or conversations on any given user action
    • Target product purchases and expiration with eCommerce integrations
    • Automatically log users in from WordPress to XenForo
  • WooCommerce, MemberPress, Easy Digital Downloads and more plugin integrations coming soon
  • Thread comments: Quickly create and connect threads to use as highly functional blog comments. Auto-increment the comments count total with the number of forum replies to add instant activity to your posts.
    • Use the new XenForo meta box on posts, pages, and custom post types to create/connect threads
    • Ships with two comment styles: Minimal and Thread view
    • Automatically insert comments template below posts. Replace WP comments or combine into tabs.
    • Cut-off long replies and show on the "click to expand" button to keep your comments section readable.
    • Don't show all replies at once, choose how many replies per page to show and load more with a button click.
    • Control what shows up in your comments. Filter out images, code, avatars, and other parts of replies.
    • XFtoWP minimizes the amount of requests made to your forum and loads replies without notice.
    • For your convenience you can view a log of all connected threads from the plugin settings page.
  • Forum widget: Display lists of hand-picked content from your forums. Easily customize with simple Widget settings and re-use anywhere you can use Widgets in WordPress.
    • Show latest posts, featured threads, and a simple forum listing
    • Toggle sections to show only relevant content per widget
    • Combine all sections into a tab widget or display inline
    • Reuse and create custom widgets anywhere WordPress uses widgets (even template tags)
  • Developer tools: Use XFtoWP as the foundation for all of your custom XenForo to WordPress development.
    • Make live requests to the XenForo API without any extra authorization
    • Access XFtoWP's stored data about your site from the wp_options and wp_postmeta table
    • Enable Thread comments on custom post types and extend other core features with hooks and filters
    • Use the XFWP_Integration class to integrate your favorite eCommerce and membership plugins
    • Completely customize templates with a child theme template override
    • Clean CSS makes styling XFtoWP easy and lightweight JavaScript that stays out of the way with no jQuery or other library dependencies
  • Other features
    • Use the XFtoWP admin panel to refresh forum data and customize its features
    • Plugin is fully ready for translation from the built-in Strings Manager
    • Highly optimized API requests that ensures no data waste and an invisible refresh process when made from the frontend
    • Styled to match your theme and built with WP code standards. Data sanitization/validation on user-entered input and use of proper hooks for comments features
    • One-click updates from the WordPress admin panel ensures you get the latest version of XFtoWP sent to your site
    • Access downloads, documentation, and official support from your own private account on XFtoWP.com
👉 BUY NOW ...or learn more at XFtoWP.com

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    Now loads plugin integrations to more reliable plugins_loaded action hook Fixes potential...
  2. 1.3 stable release

    XFtoWP 1.3 is now marked stable and officially ready for all licensed customers to update! Read...
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Latest reviews

We tried this on our client store.

The WP to XF registration works, but however, with complex passwords, this doesn't work. The developer was ready to solve our issues but the feature we wanted was not available with this plugin. We were also not interested in giving the dev our website access since it didn't work out of the box.

Anyways, the plugin was purchased and it's of no use to us. The developer is not ready to offer a refund.

I can see a lot of potential with this if it offers a reverse compatibility, I mean if it can sync xf registration to wp that would be great.
Thanks for the review! XFtoWP 1.3 fixes the complex passwords issue (now uses better decoding) with other new features on the way. Bulk importing not far behind!
I've been using this plug-in since its beta and have it seen gradually improve. The team behind it has always been very responsive and helpful with questions and any issues that arise. Now that a stable version has been released I felt compelled to write a review.

Overall this plug-in is wonderful. I mainly use it for syncing users between WP and Xenforo. While I would prefer it to utilize the Xenforo registration system as I find it more refined and polished I realize the developers have been working to integrate their plug-in to work with WP registration plugins. As of this writing it's limited to commercial plug-ins only and I would like to see free/freemium add-ons also supported.

Another thing I would like to see is a way for the plug-in to do a scan of usernames and email address to generate a list for auto syncing. (It would also help in weeding out duplicate/sock accounts.)

All that said, version 1.2 does what it intends to do and it does it well. Hopefully as time goes on we'll see more refinements and additions to it.
Thank you for the review and your help along the way! We have some ambitious plans for the plugin and with the success of the major 1.2 release we are excited at what is now possible to build next.
This was money well spent! The development of this plugin is awesome, and the developer's attention to detail is inspiring! If you run a Wordpress site and are looking for an option to connect a SOLID forum platform like Xenforo....save yourself the hours wasted on researching inferior options and buy XFtoWP right now! None of the other options will compare! Trust me, I spent (wasted) WEEKS researching! Disclaimer: I do not work for or have any affiliation with XFtoWP. I'm just one super-super happy customer! If he had the "round up" option at checkout, I would have rounded up from $79 to $100!
Amazing, thank you very much for the high praise! Even more great stuff still to come.
XenForo's history in syncing with Wordpress is littered with bugs galore so I've never been confident enough to hook it up with Wordpress... Until now. Although this is a young add-on, I've been very impressed with its capabilities and most importantly, how solid and stable it is.

I'm further stoked to see its e-commerce capabilities emerge, esp. robust integration with MemberPress on Wordpress. It makes it easy to have premium subscription forums/usergroups.

Am really looking forward to watching this baby grow. Props, Mangini!

Thank you for the very kind review! The biggest feature of the plugin is in fact its stability, and with it will come anything we want. Big things coming soon. :)
So far, so good! After two disappointing experiences with other XenForo/Wordpress bridge add ons, this looks great - a very efficient add on.
Thank you for the super product. Everything works great.
I have long searched for a solution how to connect WordPress and XenForo.
Even more will be possible with this plugin soon enough—thank you for leaving a review!
I am among the first ones to try the product. Top notch work done by the author. It totally does what it says. Additionally, customer support is always quick, professional, and friendly.
Thank you for the review and the time spent refining the plugin with me Andro. :)