1. P

    WordPress Question

    Hello. I am looking for a platform for a community for my startup cherrytask.com. XenForo looks very interesting but I have a few questions. First, I am hosting my WordPress site on WPEngine. Is there any issue installing XenForo there? Second, I’m not clear on how users are managed. Will the...
  2. Paradoxer

    XenForo and Wordpress Memory Usage Problems?

    My Wordpress based website was recently (December 2017) moved to Web Economy Linux hosting to cPanel Deluxe hosting by GoDaddy. I have a XenForo based forum on a separate database for this website. It does not get much activity at all, but the main website gets a fair amount of traffic. Ever...
  3. C

    Migrate Posts from Xenforo 2.0 (or vBulletin 5) to Wordpress Articles

    Looking to Migrate Posts from Xenforo 2.0 (or vBulletin 5) to Wordpress Articles Currently transitioning from vBulletin 5 to Xenforo 2.0 + Wordpress. Interested in migrating either of vBulletin 5 articles (that are now Xenforo 2.0 posts), to Wordpress, with their attachments, comments, and...
  4. rimonh

    XF 2.0 Import and synch Wordpress users into Xenforo

    Hi there, I have a Wordpress site with 300~ users. How can I import them into Xenforo and then keep the two users list synchronize? Thanks, Rimon.
  5. Apokalupsis

    WordPress bridge for XF2?

    I know there is a popular bridge for XF1, I can't find it atm. I recently installed XF1 on a dev site to play around with it, saw that XF2 was just released, so I'm upgrading that now. But my original plan was to use a bridge for WP/XF for an existing site. Now that XF2 is out, will the WP...
  6. C

    XF 1.5 Integrate Wordpress Header/Footer Without Overriding XenForo CSS

    Hi, I'm trying to implement my Wordpress header / footer over the Xenforo page, but the CSS that it's pulling in is overriding much of XenForo's. What could I do to have the CSS called within Wordpress' php only apply to the header / footer sections when called here, and not the rest of the...
  7. LPH

    XenWord Pro 2018 2018.06.12 - RC4

    XenWord Pro 2018 is a simple bridge between XenForo 2 and WordPress. A switch is included so that the bridge will work between XenForo 1 and WordPress. This version is the upgrade to XenWord Pro 3.5.2. The current version is the last beta release and needs heavy testing. Please do not use this...
  8. rajraj

    Xenforo VS wordpress for SEO

    Which is good for SEO?
  9. Core Freedom

    WP or XF to display your articles?

    Hi All, Does anyone here use their XF community to write their articles and get member feedback, rather than using WP with the option for people to comment on your articles? I have tried both. Keeping articles on my WP site and allowing for comments, which quickly became way too much work. It...
  10. Edward Black

    Multi-Language - xenForo and Wordpress based - Website

    Hello, A little bit more then a year ago - on May 13, 2016 - I asked about the current "best practices" for international forums. Unfortunately with little to no solutions. The Xenforo licence I bought back then run out without even starting a forum for my page because of me failing to find a...
  11. garry420

    XF 1.4 How create forum in wordpress website?

    Please guide me on how to How create forum in wordpress website ? i want my forum to be http://www.healthwhoop.com/forum/ I just logged in cpanel , now i don't know where to create folder(named forum) i.e. directory.. Thanks
  12. G

    Not a customer yet: can't send a support ticket. Not a customer: Can't ask pre-sales questions

    Hi guys, I am very keen on Xenforo, it looks like what I am after. As a non-customer, I cannot ask specific technical questions via your ticket system, I have to use community support. This is fine, and this is my issue...
  13. M

    Any Wordpress Pro's in the house?

    There is an excellent theme that I really like and the only bad things is that there is certain things that I would like that theme to have but the author has no interest in creating at the moment... So the question is, are you good a customizing already created themes and add certain features...
  14. Karl Goddard

    XenWord setup

    Probably a totally noobie question... I'm trying to use the Xenword bridge add-on and wondered if its correct to have 2 admin accounts - one WP side, on XF side - with the same username? Should I have say 'wpadmin' for the Wordpress and 'forumadmin' for the XF side? The problem I appear to be...
  15. Ivo Pereira

    Style [PAID] Custom Header for my Theme

    Hello, I need someone to import an existing header that I already have from an Wordpress portal, into XenForo. I just need the HTML, CSS and JavaScript stuff, and I could treat by myself the dynamic part. I have the knowledge to do all the rest, but I am afraid I don't have time for it. PM me...
  16. F

    PHP7 - Best Wordpress Cache?

    I recently switched over to centOS 7 (NGINX, MariaDB, PHP7). Previously, on centOS 6 the combination of WP Super Cache and xCache was lightning fast. I am now using a Redis Object Cache plugin and the default PHP7 Opcache is also enabled. This combination isn't providing the ultra fast speeds...
  17. niros_1234

    XF 1.5 Xenforo, Gravity Forms and wordpress short codes

    Hello, guys This might be a stupid question as I am not super tehnical savvy, but here it goes. Is it possible to embed a Gravity Forms form in Xen Foro? Is it possible to embed a Word Press Short code in Xen Foro? Thank you very much for your time.
  18. V

    Theme style creation

    Hello everyone, I am interessed in integrating XenForo forum solution in my current WordPress website. It's a shame there is no free days we can test XenForo forum, to see if XenForo is good for us. So, my question is : I want XenForo to have the same style as my current website. In first, I...
  19. Torrey Leonard

    XF 1.4 Incorporate WordPress Header with XenForo

    Hey XenForo, For the past few days, I've been searching endlessly for a way to integrate my forum with WordPress. I've reached the conclusion that, well- it's difficult. At this point, I've extracted the contents of my header to raw HTML and CSS. However, placing the static HTML in my header is...
  20. S

    XF 1.5 Convert Wordpress users to Xenforo

    Hi guys, I have set up a new Xenforo forum on the same server as my Wordpress website. I want to convert just my existing Wordpress users to XF. No posts or other content, just the users. I've been looking for a way to do this but I am lost in a sea of (old) posts on this forum, an unkept...