1. M

    XF 2.0 How maintain current XF forum thread and post URLs and have WordPress in root directory as well?

    Hi there I have XenForo installed in root folder, and my XF home page is at site.com. Forum URLs are like: site.com/forums/car-4-advice.43/ site.com/threads/free-toyota-service-discount-christmas.7574/ I need above /forums and /threads URLs to remain same. Now, I want to install WordPress...
  2. M

    Questions on xenForo Wordpress Plugin

    Hey guys, I haven't used xenForo before but options wise it looks like a great forum that will work great for us. I just had a few questions before I actually went forward and brought the plugin. 1. How easy is it to set up. Is there any documentation anywhere on how to set this up on a word...
  3. alsoGAMER

    XF 2.1 Connected account doesn't work anymore

    I've already reported a similar problem, but now is the connected account feature that have some problems, when i click "test" on one of the provider that are configured xf redirect me to the root of the webserver, where there is a wordpress instance and return (obv) error 404, else if i try to...
  4. alsoGAMER

    Cannot login or signup in the forum

    I've installed xenforo in a subfolder of a wordpress installation, but if i try to login or signup on the forum i get an error saying "Oops! Something went wrong... Try again. You may find more information in the browser console." I've checked the console browser and nothing is logged, except...
  5. sujatha90

    Connect with WordPress is Possible?

    Hello friends, I have a website using wordpress. Now i want to create a Forum for my website. I have found XenForo is the best one for create forums. I want to connect XenForo with WordPress. Wordpress is best for blog and XenForo is best for Forum. This is the reason why i want to connect...
  6. PeteMarko

    XF 2.0 XenForo and Wordpress - Single Registration?

    I know of a single registration system for Wordpress and Vbulletin (SSO), but is there a way of doing it for Wordpress and XenForo? Or perhaps a way of making it easier for new members to register for both platforms?
  7. Brent W

    XF 2.1 What would creating a new thread look like using the API with Guzzle?

    Trying to wrap my head around this. Making a get request is pretty simple for just a thread. Using this documentation: https://guzzle.readthedocs.io/en/latest/quickstart.html Using this within Wordpress. Working get request: <?php define("WP_USE_THEMES", false)...
  8. Brent W

    How are you using the API in 2.1 with Wordpress?

    Is anyone using the new API with Wordpress? I am beginning to look into using it to create a thread when a Post or Page is created under certain circumstances. When a post or page is created two things would happen: The thread id or url of the new thread would be stored in a custom field so...
  9. DeltaHF

    XenForo is outranking WordPress in Google search results on my site

    I'm doing research into my SEO and uncovered some interesting findings in my Google Search Console data that I wanted to share. First, a bit about my site: it's 18 years old and runs on a combination of WordPress (for the homepage and articles) and XenForo 1.5. Both installations are large...
  10. BaldwinJackson

    Does XenForo Works With WordPress?

    Hello I am planning to migrate my existing forum of financial investment with around 1000 to 1500 users which is currently developed on DW Question & Answer plugin which is free. As we are revamping our website so we are looking to improve the user experience of our forum as well. Is there any...
  11. ThemeHouse

    XPress - A theme and bridge for bringing WordPress into XenForo 1.1.3 Patch Level 4

    XPress XPress bridges XenForo and WordPress together for a smooth integration making managing your software systems easier and creating a fluid user experience. Many platform directors struggle to keep two distributed software systems consistent. You have to maintain the theme and template...
  12. LPH

    Unmaintained XenLate 1.1.2

    This is my first attempt at creating a XenForo 2 addon. It is a XenForo widget which will pull the latest posts or pages from a WordPress installation. This addon should not require a bridge but the authors of the blog posts ID and user_id should match. Options Set the absolute path Set the...
  13. Jim McClain

    XF 1.5 Can't Save Template Edit

    I decided to try adding an Adsense ad that fits below the stickies in a thread list. I have used similar code that I found here in instructional threads, edited to suit my needs and my ad code. When I click the Save All Changes button, I get a nearly blank page that has only the date/time. See...
  14. P

    WordPress Question

    Hello. I am looking for a platform for a community for my startup cherrytask.com. XenForo looks very interesting but I have a few questions. First, I am hosting my WordPress site on WPEngine. Is there any issue installing XenForo there? Second, I’m not clear on how users are managed. Will the...
  15. Paradoxer

    XenForo and Wordpress Memory Usage Problems?

    My Wordpress based website was recently (December 2017) moved to Web Economy Linux hosting to cPanel Deluxe hosting by GoDaddy. I have a XenForo based forum on a separate database for this website. It does not get much activity at all, but the main website gets a fair amount of traffic. Ever...
  16. C

    Migrate Posts from Xenforo 2.0 (or vBulletin 5) to Wordpress Articles

    Looking to Migrate Posts from Xenforo 2.0 (or vBulletin 5) to Wordpress Articles Currently transitioning from vBulletin 5 to Xenforo 2.0 + Wordpress. Interested in migrating either of vBulletin 5 articles (that are now Xenforo 2.0 posts), to Wordpress, with their attachments, comments, and...
  17. rimonh

    XF 2.0 Import and synch Wordpress users into Xenforo

    Hi there, I have a Wordpress site with 300~ users. How can I import them into Xenforo and then keep the two users list synchronize? Thanks, Rimon.
  18. Apokalupsis

    WordPress bridge for XF2?

    I know there is a popular bridge for XF1, I can't find it atm. I recently installed XF1 on a dev site to play around with it, saw that XF2 was just released, so I'm upgrading that now. But my original plan was to use a bridge for WP/XF for an existing site. Now that XF2 is out, will the WP...
  19. C

    XF 1.5 Integrate Wordpress Header/Footer Without Overriding XenForo CSS

    Hi, I'm trying to implement my Wordpress header / footer over the Xenforo page, but the CSS that it's pulling in is overriding much of XenForo's. What could I do to have the CSS called within Wordpress' php only apply to the header / footer sections when called here, and not the rest of the...
  20. rajraj

    Xenforo VS wordpress for SEO

    Which is good for SEO?