1. N

    XF 2.2 Transferring WordPress posts into XenForo threads

    We have a few thousand WP posts that we'd like to transfer into an XF site, as either threads or articles (XF or AMS). We'd want the featured images and attachments/embeds to come along with the rest of the posts. I suspect there must be solutions out there, or at least experts with the tools...
  2. betageek

    WordPress on Xenforo Cloud

    I'm looking to opt for Xenforo Cloud. Is it possible to host WordPress on it? Like main site on root domain, and xenforo on a directory, all on Xenforo Cloud. I don't want to use a sub-domain for blog/xenforo.
  3. X

    XF 2.2 Embed XenForo between Wordpress Header/Footer

    Hi all! I've searched the Forums and have only found old Threads on this topic and would be interested in which method is recommended today. I have an active Wordpress Site and a XenForo Forum and would like the Forum Header / Footer to look exactly like the WP site. So far what has been...
  4. Alpha1

    Embed XenForo widgets on WordPress or other software

    Please add functionality to embed XenForo widgets in WordPress or other CMS, so that we can display various XF content listings. This could allow us to display the latest forum threads on WordPress or featured XF content or whatever widget we may want to display.
  5. trigatch4

    Best Xenforo Add-On for Wordpress Integration

    I'm planning a huge move that requires XF/WP integration: Changing domain names Replacing XF homepage with WordPress Moving the Forum to a directory (or sub-domain) It seems there are two potential solutions: XFtoWP by @kolakube Article & Forum Connect by @ThemeHouse XFtoWP is more...
  6. kolakube

    Login users to WordPress 1.0

    A simple XenForo addon that detects when a user logs in from the XenForo and also logs in a corresponding user in WordPress. Requirements Both WP and XF must be on the same server You cannot use subdomains, only subfolders (ex: domain.com/community) Both WP and XF users must have the same...
  7. digitalpoint

    Rant about WordPress

    This is a rant to save my girlfriend from having to continuously hear about what utter crap WordPress is under the hood. I feel bad because it's more or less the only thing I've been talking about the last week. Going from XenForo 2 development to WordPress is like punching myself in the face...
  8. Nicolas FR

    Register users to WordPress - FRENCH translation [Deleted]

    Nicolas FR submitted a new resource: Register users to WordPress - FRENCH translation - A french translation of the Register users to WordPress add-on from kolakube Read more about this resource...
  9. Nicolas FR

    WordPress Posts + Category Widget - FRENCH translation [Deleted]

    Nicolas FR submitted a new resource: WordPress Posts + Category Widget - FRENCH translation - A french translation of the WordPress Posts + Category Widget add-on from kolakube. Read more about this resource...
  10. Nicolas FR

    XFtoWP - XenForo to Wordpress integration - FRENCH translation

    Nicolas FR submitted a new resource: XFtoWP - XenForo to Wordpress integration - FRENCH translation - A french translation of the XFtoWP - XenForo to Wordpress integration add-on from Kolakube. Read more about this resource...
  11. Nicolas FR

    Unmaintained XFtoWP - XenForo to Wordpress integration - FRENCH translation 2023-04-19

    French translation of the XFtoXP - XenForo to Wordpress integration add-on from @kolakube
  12. N

    I Need Custom Xenforo and Wordpress Dev Work

    I need a dev that knows Xenforo and Wordpress really well. I have a popular Xenforo site at iowawhitetail.com and you’ll notice there is a separate site for selling swag at iowawhitetailgear.com. The swag site is Wordpress. Iowawhitetail.com is not yet wordpress. I want to merge these so that...
  13. kolakube

    WordPress Posts + Category Widget 1.0

    Show the latest posts feed from your connected WordPress blog to a clean and flexible XenForo widget. Use the simple widget settings to feature hand-picked posts and pages, show latest posts from specific categories, and link to WooCommerce store products across as many widgets as you'd like...
  14. Subi888

    XF 2 Wordpress to Xenforo Custom Sync Plugin

    Hey guys, i need a developer to build a custom plugin bridge from wordpress to xenforo, the plugin we use for memberships is memberpress. Tried using XFtoWp plugin, it works to an extent, but due to specific ways memberpress operates it fails to function properly. What we need: Mirror option...
  15. kolakube

    Register users to WordPress 1.1

    A simple XenForo addon that registers users to your WordPress website with the same username, email, and password as entered during XF registration. This addon covers: Frontend XF registration Manual user creation from XF admin > Users > Create new Connected accounts: Register WP user with...
  16. gigipmc

    XFCoder :: Latest XF Threads Widget for WordPress

    The plugin allows you to create "Latest XenForo Threads" widgets on your WordPress installation. Utilizes the XenForo API, which means you can also fetch the latest threads of a forum that isn't on the same server as your WP installation. Uses AJAX for loading the widget content, so as not to...
  17. szymme

    [Paid] Xenforo Designer (Integration into Wordpress design)

    Hello dear Xenforo, im looking for a Xenforo developer / Designer. I pay good and like quality work. I have a new website with a wordpress design, I want to integrate my xenforo forum into the webseite. Im looking for a developer/ desginer, who can integrate me xenforo seamless as it would for...
  18. ThemeHouse

    Article and Forum Connect: XenForo and WordPress 1.2.9

    Article and Forum Connect Free Get Article and Forum Connect for free by using the coupon code SYNCWPXF during checkout. WordPress and XenForo - two extensive softwares, integrated simply with Article and Forum Connect. Sync comments between XenForo and WordPress allowing users to post and...
  19. FTL

    Please suggest some good hosting solutions

    I just bought XF yesterday and am new to all this, so would be very grateful for suggestions for a decent hosting company. I already have a domain. I'm after decent website performance, good quality support and reasonable prices (not just after the cheapest) and since I'm in the UK, would...
  20. kolakube

    XFtoWP - XenForo to WordPress integration [Paid]

    Mangini submitted a new resource: XFtoWP - Bring powerful forum features to your WordPress sites Read more about this resource...
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