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I need a dev that knows Xenforo and Wordpress really well. I have a popular Xenforo site at iowawhitetail.com and you’ll notice there is a separate site for selling swag at iowawhitetailgear.com. The swag site is Wordpress. Iowawhitetail.com is not yet wordpress. I want to merge these so that iowawhitetail.com is the one and only site for everything… I want it to be Wordpress based, and I just want the Xenforo forum to be in a folder off the main level, so iowawhitetail.com/forum. This will free me up to use the rest of the site like a regular Wordpress site so that I can make a custom homepage and promote the forum and swag, and highlight other things going on with the company or its sponsors. I want the ecommerce store to be Wordpress…at iowawhitetail.com/store. It’s very important because of the popularity of the forum already, that we not break the forum during this process and that all old urls redirect to the new location. Making sense?

Also…we’ve recently redesigned the site with a nice new theme… it is not live right now, but it’s only active for a couple of us admins so that we can keep testing and tweaking it. It’s about 85% complete, I’d say. It has a few bugs because I’m seeing some functionalities aren’t there in the new theme like they are in the default theme, so I need some dev help fixing those. …need help getting this to the finish line. I’ll have a new homepage design soon too, for when we have the forum moved to the /forum directory and are able to make a different custom homepage.

Main Tasks List:
  • move Xenforo forum to /forum/ directory and ensure all old links redirect to new location.
  • a few minor updates to new theme display (media page, I want 3-4 thumbs per row, for example, instead of 2). Homepage, once logged in, should not see “sign in and register” buttons in right column.
  • setup iowawhitetail.com as a Wordpress site.
  • incorporate the header/footer design of the new forum theme into the rest of the (wordpress) site.
  • move the iowawhitetailgear.com ecommerce site onto iowawhitetail.com/store (Woocommerce)
  • build custom homepage for new iowawhitetail.com homepage (I’ll provide the design)

Please provide an hours and cost estimate if you are interested in this project. Thank you.

Let me know other questions you have. I can provide backend access to site and server, if you’d like. PM me for my email and we can discuss over email, Skype, or phone.
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