1. A

    XF 2.0 Members Online Now in Footer

    I want to add members online now in footer. probably need to add something in the code xb footer, but I do not know how to do it <div class="p-footer-custom"> <div class="p-footer-inner"> <xf:if is="property('xbSocialCustomFooter') == 'above'"> <div...
  2. Recep Baltaş

    XenForo Verified Accounts

    Just like facebook, instagram and twitter, we can also have verified accounts. Users who provide their credentials can have this feature so I can privde them full access to second hand section etc.
  3. netr0n

    [XenGenTr] XenForo Forum Android Mobile Application 1.0.0

    Create topic of Mobile App Answer to posts of Mobile App Send private message Chat by Siropu addition Add avatar to your profile Send notification to all your forum members Receive notification when your topic is answered Receive notification when you get private message Many more features...
  4. Osman

    Light Pearl

    Light Pearl Style comes with extended powerful, user full and flexible theme options that allow you to customize everything you can upload to your website in minutes. Light Pearl is completely sensitive. Style is designed with a mobile approach. This means that visitors to your website can...
  5. XenArabia

    Ar-XenForo Enhanced Search 2.1.1

    Arabic Translation File for XenForo Enhanced Search The Translation is exclusive for : XenArabia.com
  6. U

    Xenforo 2.1.x French Translation 2.1

    Enjoy our translation of Xenforo 2.1.x translated by Ultim-Host! Included: Emojis Translation Full translation of Xenforo 100% French Translation problems?? Contact us:)
  7. XDinc

    [XTR] Reputation System 1.0.0

    @Brad Padgett Dear friend, thank you for your interest, support and suggestions.(y) This journey started as a simple template changes and turned into an advanced add-on. :love: This add-on allows you to adding a reputation system to your site based on reaction score, post count and trophy...
  8. Osman

    [XTR] Style Switcher 1.0.0

    Demo: XenTR / Professional XenForo Styles : Default-Style Note: On the demo site, the style switcher plug-in is only set to default style. This add-on is a jQuery-based theme / skin modifier that allows a visitor to change the look of your webpage (for example, text color, background color...
  9. Osman

    Elegant Dark

    Elegant Dark is developed to professional structure, flexible and multipurpose forum theme with excellent responsive design for XenForo 2.1+. Elegant Dark is a functional design with advanced personalization features. It is a user-friendly interface with fully customizable style features and...
  10. Osman

    [XTR] Unlimited Social Sharing Buttons 1.0.0

    [XTR] Unlimited Social Sharing Buttons [XTR] Unlimited Social Sharing Buttons is a full-featured XenForo plugin that lets you add unlimited social networking buttons to your website. Thanks to the pre-defined social media buttons, you can easily enter your social media link addresses through...
  11. Jean-Baptiste

    📲 XenForo native mobile app for Android and iOS - Appify.mobi (XenForo 2.0 & 2.1) 🔥 [Deleted]

    Bug reports, suggestions, and feedbacks can be made on here : https://appify.mobi/forum. We want to build a mobile app that fit to your community needs, so we will do our best to improve Appify day by day.
  12. XDinc

    [XTR] More Thread Same Forum 1.0.4

    Whats New? - 1.0.2 Fixed issue where same threads would throw an error on some servers. This addon has been updated with support for XF 2.1.1 Fixed all CSS bugs. Show more thread same forum in thread view. Installation: Download XENTR-SameForumThread-1.0.0.zip Upload the files...
  13. Recep Baltaş

    Thank you XenForo Team!

    Every single year, I'm thinking about what a good decision I've made switching to XenForo . And today, after upgrading the entire forum and all of the official add-ons in less than 5 minutes, you can imagine the joy I had. Thank you for constantly developing the software and applying new...
  14. Xenforo 2 in the Forum; Forum and Category Editing

    Xenforo 2 in the Forum; Forum and Category Editing

    Xenforo 2 in the Forum; Forum and Category Editing
  15. nick97000

    More Accounts Security and Profile Completely Steps Feature Request

    DEVICE MANAGEMENT System Protect users accounts with alerts for unusual activity Account security is critical in any organization or community, so users can review the devices on which they are currently logged in to check for suspicious activity, as well as receive an email alert whenever a...
  16. Stemis

    XenForo Serbian language 2.1.2

    Completely translated Serbian language (Latin script) for XenForo 2.x. It is fully customized for XenForo 2.1.2 and will be updated continuously. Feedback is very important for the development of this translation. Fill free to PM me if you find some untranslated phrases or if it is something...
  17. Kevin RG

    [Foro.agency] Referral - Have fun with your friends 1.2.0

    English version : Create more registration into your forum with referal links available for each user. With this addon you can improve the number of members on your forum, it's very easy. How to you use ? It's very easy, on the your board, click on your user menu and select "Referral". On the...
  18. otto

    Guide: Random Banners - automatically timed rotating out from a banner pool

    Banner - automatically timed rotating from a banner pool This is a realy simple way to view in a Xenforo template a set of banners by automatically timed rotating out from a banner pool. Sounds complicated but its simple. ;) Attention: this is will not be a complete step by step guide! I will...
  19. Ali Ahmed

    XF 2.1 You have insufficient privileges to post threads here.

    Hi I can't post on my own website pakclan.com in section: https://pakclan.com/index.php?forums/tournaments-official-by-pakclan.9/ it's says me i checked every permission and it's regular, all fine. this came up when i upgraded to 2.1, i disabled all addon but the problem isn't done. so how...
  20. DeltaHF

    XenForo is outranking WordPress in Google search results on my site

    I'm doing research into my SEO and uncovered some interesting findings in my Google Search Console data that I wanted to share. First, a bit about my site: it's 18 years old and runs on a combination of WordPress (for the homepage and articles) and XenForo 1.5. Both installations are large...