1. M

    XF 2.2 [Help] Debug Notification

    Hi Guys, I would like to ask for your help regarding our website. We recently found out multiple errors regarding this and we haven't done anything to create these errors. Are you able to help us out how to fix this or point me to the right direct?
  2. Baby Community

    Is Portal Better For Seo Or Is It Better To Combine The Community With A Separate Wordpress Style Site?

    Is Portal Better For Seo Or Is It Better To Combine The Community With A Separate Wordpress Style Site? The problem is that I can't trust any software other than xenforo. I lost 9 wordpress sites, they were hacked. I also lost 3 communities and 1 toplist site. I don't trust any software other...
  3. Baby Community

    Yesterday I Renewed My Xenforo License, I switched from xenforo2.2 to xenforo2.9 and..

    Yesterday I Renewed My Xenforo License, I switched from xenforo2.2 to xenforo2.9 and There was a 30% increase in organic visitors and still increasing. Did Google change the guidelines? Or was xenforo a magic wand to the latest version?
  4. Baby Community

    Not planned See Files and Download association

    Hello, In group permissions, there are two separate permissions to upload and view files. However, when the "Can see the attached files in the contents" option is set to "No", the "Add File" button is also hidden. Shouldn't these two settings work separately from each other? Also, I don't...
  5. Baby Community

    XF 2.2 Adding images to category titles in xenforo default theme

    Is it possible to add images to category titles in xenforo default theme like this?
  6. Baby Community

    I hope you are doing some work on the site… xenforo.com failed host

    Let nothing happen to our xenforo.com home… There was a problem with the site entrance. There is no online Admin either… I HOPE THEY ARE ALWAYS MAKING BACKUP..
  7. Stylesfactory

    Beta Whitelist Request 1.0.2

    Easy way to manage your whitelist requests. If you have server that users need to apply for whitelist then you won't need anything more! Main features: User: Submit request Edit self request Remove self request View request Moderator/Administrator (group with permission): Edit requests...
  8. Baby Community

    XF 2.2 Xenforo default theme Google Automatic AdverTısInG problem ?

    I am currently using xenforo default theme. I slightly changed the colors of the default theme. I've saved it as a separate theme. I also have 4 licensed themes. In I licensed themes, Google auto ads appear neatly in logical places. But in the default theme, Google automatic ads divide the...
  9. Baby Community

    I'm glad I bought xenforo and I'm shouting this on every platform

    I have been in the internet world since 1995. Few friends, many enemies. And I lost 6-7 sites and irc in the internet world. These were open source sites. I lost mybb, smf, wordpress and many more sites. I was opening the site. It was on the air, 8-9 months later, it was hacked due to...
  10. Allan

    Unmaintained Timeline of XenForo releases and official add-ons

    Timeline of XenForo releases and official add-ons __________________________________________________________________ I find it interesting to have a history of the release dates of XenForo versions and official add-ons. So I may have made a mistake or I may have omitted something, if so...
  11. Subi888

    XF 2 Wordpress to Xenforo Custom Sync Plugin

    Hey guys, i need a developer to build a custom plugin bridge from wordpress to xenforo, the plugin we use for memberships is memberpress. Tried using XFtoWp plugin, it works to an extent, but due to specific ways memberpress operates it fails to function properly. What we need: Mirror option...
  12. Subi888

    XF to WP Bridge

    Hey guys, i need someone who can create a custom bridge to sync the users and their memeberships/ renewals from WP (memberpress plugin) to xenforo. Payments are being made on WP and I would like the users to, once they register on WP, be able to login on both WP and XF.
  13. Recep Baltaş

    Lack of interest NFT Avatars!

    There I've said it! I know, I know... most of you hate NFTs but I believe it's that lack of following the trend that is killing forums. I demanded AMP support 5 years ago. Many have resisted but look how many bought the add-on and check out the success stories, including mine. I believe forums...
  14. Tyrell Deshaun

    HELP! How do I bring my localhost site online?

    Hi, I'm new here and trying to be cost efficient working with everything as free as I can. I have a local host running on XAMPP software, how do I use my localhost to go public online? I even tried no-ip which doesn't seem to be working. . . . . . I don't want to pay no gatorhost for internet...
  15. DreamNetworks

    Unmaintained [DN] - InfoPanels Options 1.0.1

    This addon brings extra options to the [DBTech] - DragonByte InfoPanels
  16. M

    Not a bug Rich Snippets - Missing Url

    Hi there, I have noted that Rich Snippets Testing tool show a new error about "Missing URL". You can check it here: https://search.google.com/test/rich-results/result?id=x-WdPtiiTAGOxbizbG0SKw I have found the same error also on my installation. How this can be fixed?
  17. Osman

    Revolution Pro 2.2.13

    Revolution Pro is a fully responsive clean, stunning, and modern XenForo theme. This design is a great decision, if you would like to easy to use website for your visitors and present your website skills and business in the modern way. With the professional structure of website, you are...
  18. M

    XF 2.2 How to use the Canonical option in the nodes?

    Hi there, I have seen an useful future in the node: "Canonical Urls". I was testing it because I need to set as canonical, the contents token from this node, that are been moved also in an other section (this new must be set as canonical) and just adding the link (in this section as "Canonical...
  19. M

    Implemented Update Cookie Banner compliant to GDPR

    Hi there I want propose the implementation of the Cookie Banner to be compliant to the GDPR law we have in Europe. Right now the banner have only the possibility to click on "Accept" and this is not accordant with the law we have here about the privacy policy. To be legal here, that banner must...
  20. M

    Not planned Better Seo Sitemap

    Hi there, I have noted something on the sitemaps. First of all Xenforo use the file sitemap.php to generate the sitemap. Often is that is given to the crawlers and also to Google, but IMHO I think that is not a great idea because Google have to convert the file, to generate the right xml...
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