XF 2.2 XenForo Forum Style for Amiga Browsers


Hello Community!
I have a question. Can anyone help me to get a XenForo Style which is very simple designed?

My Forum: AmigaPortal.de has now 5 different Styles. See here:


The board runs perfect on Windows Browsers. But i will that it works on Amiga Browsers like "iBrowse", "NetSurf" and "AWeb" too.

Here you can see, how it looks on an Amiga Browser:


There is a other forum called A1k.org and they uses XenForo too. And they have a Style called "iBrowse" Can anyone help me to get it !?

Sorry for my bad english, but i try my best, that you understand it.

Greetings from Germany,
Jörg aka Torque
It almost looks like that style is something that they had custom done (either by themselves or a style developer).. and if so, good luck on getting it.
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Okay, i have checked it. JavaScript is enabled in that browser. But i think all 3 Amiga Browsers have problems with SSL or so.

The Amiga users are much. I dont know how much. But its a niche in Internet.
Thank you all for your messages!
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