1. Torque

    XF 2.2 XenForo Forum Style for Amiga Browsers

    Hello Community! I have a question. Can anyone help me to get a XenForo Style which is very simple designed? My Forum: has now 5 different Styles. See here: The board runs perfect on Windows Browsers. But i will that it works on Amiga Browsers like "iBrowse", "NetSurf" and...
  2. S

    XF 2.2 Aligning and/or Re-scaling Header & Navigation Images

    Recently, we had help filling the navigation row with an image: which is working great when on full screen mode (Brave browser), with 100% zoom setting. However, when we switch to half-screen mode, the following happens: The header and navigation images are no longer aligned. Prompted by...
  3. celebrir

    Lack of interest Select option on how to open an attached file

    I'll use a PDF document as an example, but this may also apply for other file types. Opening attached PDFs in a new Window instead of forcing a download is such a trivial feature that I cannot believe it is not a natively supported feature. It is almost 2020 and virtually no website forced you...
  4. X

    Browser Detection 2.3.0

    A light-weight shim around Mobile_detect for XenForo 2 Usage (in templates) The add-on injects the global variable $xf.mobileDetect, check that the variable is set before calling any methods to prevent errors during upgrades or if the add-on is disabled. <xf:if is="$xf.mobileDetect &&...
  5. H

    Unmaintained Mobile / Browser Detection in Template 1

    Tested with XF 2.1.5. Not tested yet with XF 2.0, but i think it should work. Check FAQ section above. With this addon you can use template syntax in any template like this : <xf:if is="cutemb_is_mobile()"> You are using mobile <xf:else /> You are not using mobile </xf:if> <xf:if...
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