1. XenConcept

    [XenConcept] Youtube Video Profile 2.0.3

    Feature Summary Autoplay video Use system Widget Usergroup permission This addon Allows member to add a youtube video on their profile. You could change the location using the widget system.
  2. XenConcept

    [XenConcept] Hide links / Medias / Images (BbCode) to guests 2.1.0

    Feature Summary Enable Disable restrict Hide links on posts to guests Customize the error message Site Web whitelist This add-on allows you to hide your link to visitors. You can customize the error message with the template "xc_hide_link_from_guests_bb_code_hide_links_visitor" Demo : here
  3. MattiGB

    Halloween Shock 2017-12-31

    Full responsive Dark & Orange colors Halloween theme! Pumpkin icon set Xenforo 1.5.15 compatible
  4. Neal

    Frontier Developments making the move to XenForo

    It would seem Frontier Developments are changing their forum software to XenForo when xF 2.0 is released :) https://forums.frontier.co.uk/showthread.php/378489-Forum-Downtime-Evening-of-Sept-25-into-morning-of-the-26th?p=5949592&viewfull=1#post5949592
  5. T

    xenforo expert needed for customisation and mods

    We are looking for xenForo Developer to add 5-6 new mods to our forums. Here is what I need to be done for reference: - Custom New Thread Options - Reputaion System - Points System - Vote up & Vote Down for particular thread - Member Ranking System Also I want front page for my...
  6. YannPL

    Clickbank + Aweber + Xenforo

    Hi there, I'd like to have an integration between Clickbank + Aweber + Xenforo. Actually, I want that people who order and pay via Clickbank automatically have access to the Xenforo forum with a password AND are added to a specific list on Aweber. How can I do this? Many thanks. Cheers*
  7. Sobolev

    Xenforo 2.0 Beta

    When release a Xenforo 2.0 Beta?
  8. E

    Complaint | Cracked Xenforo

    Hello, I am French, I am sorry for the mistakes of spells. I just posted a Forum Xenforo that was first cracked and secondly the footer does not display : Forum software by XenForo ™ © 2010-2017 XenForo Ltd. How do I know that this forum does not have a legal license? For the simple reason that...
  9. Solidus

    High Quality Forum Posts For Your XenForo Forum

    Hello, everyone! I am offering high quality, affordable forum posting for your XenForo forum. Nearly all topics are covered, but please ask if your forum is a very small niche! PRICING 25 Posts - $4.99 50 Posts - $9.99 100 Posts - $18.99 200 Posts - $34.99 WHAT'S INCLUDED? No matter how...
  10. Codeless

    Ngnix Proxy Configration error

    Hi on a client demand i was setting up xenforo on proxy servers . here is my setup diagram so if anyone check Example.com Who is and dns records its display proxies ip address DNS Records of Example .com but when use open example.com website works fine but when click on any url its...
  11. ssssss434534

    Not planned making more Easy creating add ons and plugins.

    So the xenforo is like build for professional master in Computer Science. but who want to create a simple hello world add on on profile why he should create 10 files for a simple hello word, u should change the add ons system and making like mybb easy creating plugins and add ons, now i don't...
  12. dooma

    Steps to install xenforo on fresh vps

    Hello all, I'm writing all the steps, required to install a test xenforo forums on a fresh vps from un-managed vps provider. I posted this thread for two reasons: First, to know the experts' opinions about the steps and to tell us if there're any missing steps or any modifications that should...
  13. Jaredp96

    XF 1.5 Not able to import style XML's?

    Hi, i was just wondering why i cant import any xml files to my xenforo, it promts me with this error Error Please upload a valid style XML file. and sometimes this error Error Please enter a valid file name. The requested file could not be read. i have tried multiple styles, but all have...
  14. Aayush

    [ForumApps] Native Mobile Apps for XenForo 1.1.1

    Are you tired of hearing your users complain about how your forum looks when browsing via mobile devices? How about the fact you have no real native mobile app in place? Don’t want to give out your private forum data to Tapatalk anymore? Gone are the days of your users' data being on third party...
  15. Xyphien

    XF 1.5 RSS Not working?

    I've tried adding my RSS on several bot plugins such as an auto RSS tweeter for twitter, RSS bot on Discord, etc. Each time I get an error, That's what I get for the discord bot, the rest of them simply say they cannot find the rss. What is the problem?
  16. B

    SEO quality strategy for my xf board

    hi, i would like to share with you my new seo strategy for my xenforo forum It's an 11 years old board (it was a phpbb2 before i move to xenforo 2 years ago) i have around 15 000 pages indexed in Google i decide yesterday to make a very big move in my forum management (good or bad i will see)...
  17. S

    vBulletin to XenForo : Few important questions...

    Hi All, I am looking to convert my vBulletin (3.8.10) forum to XenForo. Before buying, I have few questions. Please help. 1) I think there is Installation service by XenForo for 50$. Does it also cover the Data Import from my current vBulletin software to XenForo ? 2) I have my vBulletin...
  18. Aayush

    ForumApps presents Native XenForo Apps for iOS and Android

    Tired of hearing your users complain about not having a native mobile app for your forum? Don’t want to give out your data to Tapatalk anymore? Gone are the days of Tapatalk and your users’ data on their servers. The long awaited native XenForo apps for iOS and Android with push notifications...
  19. Demon_skeith

    Add-on HTML5 based Arcade

    I was wondering if anyone here knows or could code an addon for a HTML5 based arcade for Xenforo? Currently it appears that XF Arcade won't be supported anytime soon, with the maker stating they have no plans to support it for XF 2. I've also contacted DragonByte Tech to see if they had any...
  20. xana

    XF 1.5 Upgrade from 1.4.5 to 1.7.12

    ***************** Soon I will buy the "1 year extention", but here is the version of my site and 1.4.7 and the most recent has been updated and the 1.5.12 what is the prosedure to do? - an update on each version (1.4.7 followed by 1.4.8 followed by 1.4.9 ...) -A full installation over? -...