Not a bug Rich Snippets - Missing Url

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It's not an error, it's just a warning. URL is an optional field for the author type:


It can be ignored. A URL isn't relevant for our use case.
Hi Chris, in reality it need to be added a simple short line of code here to fix the issue:

Screenshot 2021-10-21 at 11-42-34 Test dei risultati multimediali - Google Search Console.webp

Do you know what line to add and where?

Is a simple fix that can show the rich snippets content clean and complete so that the test will not report missing fields.
This reflect on the total ranking of the site and of the contents.
For this is important to fix all the issues shown by Google. I know is not simple to follow him every 5 minutes but him is who give the cards... and to have an healthy site all these things are all important.
It is not necessary to fix issues that are reported as “warnings” for fields that are listed as “optional”.

In the other example you will notice there are issues reported as “errors” for fields that are marked as “required”.

That’s the difference.
Yes I saw that was a different error in the other thread, and this I report is an "optional" one.
But I think that having every little thing in the right place make always the difference. Also fixing the optional things.
In this case it need a simple short line of code to solve the problem and make found Google a perfect page, instead that one with something (also if is additional, but requested if shown as something needed) that is missing.

In Italy there are 6 forum with the same theme (and so contents) of mine, so is important for me to have good contents and have configured everything at the best to have a better ranking of a page/content to earn positions in the SERP on my competitors.

On your forum is not important because about Xenforo is there only your site that all the users take as principal, in our cases we have to make the things at the top to make the things better of our competitors. And then is also my abitude to fix every little thing at the best.
It's not important for any forum because it is an optional field. It will not make the slightest bit of difference to anything. It's not something we will be providing support for.
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