1. electrogypsy

    As designed Permanent redirects break in article forums

    Hey folks, it looks like the article forum type breaks permanent redirects to other forums; I'm assuming this applies to timed redirects as well, although I have not tested that. This is obviously in XF 2.2. Steps to reproduce: create a thread in node A (an article forum) move thread from node...
  2. Hoffi

    add "Center to"-position for first article image

    If I add a picture to the article which is a portait, mostly not the top of the head is shown. It would be great if we can have some influence to the rendering. From other systems I know the abilitiy, to add a center-point to the image, which should be in the middle of the picture for every...
  3. B

    Article forum on an other folder

    hi it will be nice to have the possibility to set article forum on a specific folder or subfolder like article.mywebsitedotcom so not all forums will be in /forums/
  4. XFA

    [XFA] Document/Manual/Tutorial/Article Writer 2.8.3

    Description Xen Factory has created for you a new complete application add-on for XenForo: Document Manager ! With Xen Factory's Document Manager, you and your users can create documents, manuals, tutorials, books, guides, or any kind of document type, and maintain then overtime very easily...