XF 2.2 How to use the Canonical option in the nodes?


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Hi there,
I have seen an useful future in the node: "Canonical Urls".
I was testing it because I need to set as canonical, the contents token from this node, that are been moved also in an other section (this new must be set as canonical) and just adding the link (in this section as "Canonical Urls") to this other section, it seems that the threads in both sections are still shown as canonical, as before, instead to show the canonical urls only in one of these 2 sections.
I make something wrong or is there an issue in the function?
Hi Brogan, seeing that you don't know this let me think that wasn't a function of the core, but checking better that function that I have seen inside the nodes is added from an addon, so I have to ask to the developer of it.
Sorry, Then I have posted a wrong thread.
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