XF 2.2 How to set permissions so everyone can see a private forum in the node list but can't view the contents?

Stuart Wright

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So I can set up a private node ok, and people have to pay to become premium members to use it.
Setting it as a private node and then allowing the specific usergroup to view the node is the intended way to do it.
However, I want everyone to be able to view the node in the node list, but only a paying usergroup to be able to see the contents.
That way, everyone knows that the node exists and people are more likely to want to pay for access.
How do I set up the permissions to have a node that everyone can view in the node list, but only a specific usergroup can see the contents of?
Set the view thread content to no for the registered user group for the node.

Set it to yes for the other user group.
Then, everyone can see the thread titles. That's a problem.
If I apply the same settings to the View Threads By Others permission, then nobody except those in the specified usergroups can see any threads.
Adding a permanent notice shown only to people not in the specified usergroup saying that only Premium Members can post and view threads in that forum helps make the situation clear.
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