XF 1.5 How to set permission to "post a reply by self" only but not others in a forum category?

I want to set permission for a forum, so only the thread creator can post his message into the thread and other can only see the thread. I have seen option in forum permission of "Delete post by self", "Edit post by self" but there is not option of "Post replies by self".
Found "Post replies", but this will work for all users including the creator.
So can somebody help me, how can I do this?


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As far as I am aware "Post Replies" is the closest you can get to keeping users from replying to a thread. There could be an add-on for it. You should go to the resource manager and do a search for an add-on like this. I don't know if there is one but its worth searching.

You can edit permissions for specific usernames but that's about it as far as I know.
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