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  1. C

    XF 2.0 Migrating from vBulletin 3 to XenForo 2

    Hi, We want to migrate a forum from vBulletin 3 to XenForo 2 and we have some related questions: - As we can read, the best practice is to import to XenForo 1.5 and later on to XenForo 2. Is that correct? - We've seen that there are some tables using MyISAM as a database engine (xf_session...
  2. karll

    Not a bug "Search titles only" doesn't seem to work properly

    To be fair, I don't know if this is a problem with Enhanced Search or something else: If you go to the Search box here on the Xenforo forum, type in e.g. "mariadb" and then tick the "Search titles only" checkbox. Then search. I would expect to get a result containing only titles that has the...
  3. K

    XenForo 1.5 custom homepage on Laravel and on other server

    Hi all, I'n new in XenForo, and I'm web developer, work on php I have a question. I have a forum on xenforo 1.5 and I need to make a small CMS on Laravel, which will be the main page of the site. The CMS will pull up widgets and media from the forum to display. And the CMS will be on another...
  4. R

    XF 1.5 How to set permission to "post a reply by self" only but not others in a forum category?

    I want to set permission for a forum, so only the thread creator can post his message into the thread and other can only see the thread. I have seen option in forum permission of "Delete post by self", "Edit post by self" but there is not option of "Post replies by self". Found "Post replies"...
  5. XxUnkn0wnxX

    XF 1.5 How Stop Xenforo Image Proxy Leaking BackEnd IP?

    I depend on image proxy for performance but how do I stop it from leaking my Servers ip? e.g. if you embed this image here: http://www.danasoft.com/vipersig.jpg you get the servers ip how do I stop this? I have my site setup with cloudflare, is a there a way to run image proxy through that...
  6. T

    Implementation of a FAQs Page !!

    Hi, How can i implement the FAQs page to my forum. So that user can get to know about "How to use that forum?". I have found "FAQ Manager by Iversia 3.2.0" add-on but in that add-on you need to create the FAQs by your self. Does XenForo has its own General FAQs ? And how it can be implemented...
  7. cjesuele

    XF 1.5 How to redirect domain.com/forums/ ?

    Hello, I am looking to redirect my domain.com/forums/ to domain.com/pages/title, but do not know how. Is this done by a simple 301 redirect? I do not want to disrupt my actual forums and threads that reside in the forums directory. Thank you
  8. LeaderJ

    XF 1.5 Need Help. Fatal Error: Memory Size Exhausted

    My site was displaying the following error. I thought it might've been a bug in the software so I attempted to upgrade to 1.5.4 from 1.5.3, but now the error happens halfway through the upgrade, and I can no longer access the XenForo Admin CP. The website now displays as if it's closed for...
  9. M

    XF 1.5 how can i add like (data-description) part,in another places in the forums?

    hi, look at this parT: how can i add the data-descrption...not the data itself...buy i want to add this action...the "tipsy" issue in other place? i am trying to use this: http://onehackoranother.com/projects/jquery/tipsy/ but i cant merge with xenforo any help please?
  10. DRaver

    Problem with Xenforo and NGINX

    I have a problem with XenForo and I think it's up to my NGINX server configuration. The problem is that sometimes the Googlebot can not access to resources such as images or scripts. Googlebot says the images are (Vorrübergehend nicht erreichbar) currently not available. Here's an example...
  11. Tan Tran

    Unmaintained Related Contents 1.5.2

    This addon will show related contents on threads, based on Xenforo 1.5 Tags. Multiple Content Types supported. Main features: - Unlimited Content types. - Cache Related contents. - Set maximum number of contents in the Related Contents block. - Including options to optimize the result...
  12. W

    Fixed Soft deleted profile post comments automatically expanding which hide moderation information

    With the introduction of Xenforo 1.5.0., comments on profile posts can now be soft deleted; when deleted, they behave like deleted posts and their content is hidden behind a "This message has been removed by X" message along with a "Show" link. However, if these soft deleted comments are...
  13. R

    1.5: Documentation for two step authentication?

    Mike said in his post about the new 2FA in XenForo: Are there any more details about this? Or will there be? I mean is there any documentation or example implementation of this? Or is planned that there will be one released? Are there any special APIs at all?
  14. Tan Tran

    Unmaintained XenTag Importer 1.0

    I created this addon to import XenTag Tags on my community, it worked fine, so i would like to share here. It will import XenTag tags to XenForo 1.5 Tag system and also help to redirect old tags that indexed by search engines to new url (from (+) to (-) url). Warning: This was created on...
  15. Tan Tran

    Unmaintained Batch Update Tags 1.1

    With this addon, you can filter threads by criteria then update tags for them. Admin CP -> Applications -> Threads & Posts -> Batch Update Tags HOW TO INSTALL You can use the Add-On Installer of Chris D. OR 1) Download the zip file then Extract its contents. 2) Upload the contents of...
  16. Rob

    Other Add-ons depreciated or partly depreciated by XF 1.5

    I thought it would be useful to maintain a thread that lists all the addons that are made obsolete by Xenforo 1.5. I'll try and include add-ons that are partially impacted as well. If you can help me out by posting any affected addons here, along with links, then I'll maintain the list in the...
  17. Liam W

    Fixed New user conversation doesn't allow only one participant?

    I'm trying to setup the new user conversation feature, but I keep on getting the 'Please enter at least one valid recipient.' error when saving. I've entered my username in the recipient box, as I want to be the sender and noone else needs to participate. If I add another user, it works fine...
  18. R

    Lack of interest Disallow/Disable/Force specific kinds of two factor authentication

    This is a suggestion for the new 2FA in XenForo v 1.5. Suggestion It would be great if you either... could disallow specific kinds of 2FA for user groups. or... adjust Implemented - Option to force 2Factor authentication on staff, so that you can force specific kinds of two factor...
  19. Sheldon

    What is the difference?

    This has confused me. "This content may only have 20 tags in total". I get, at least I think. So, no more than 20 total. Ok, so, I can then "only apply 10 to this content"?
  20. C.L.

    Duplicate Suggestion:use 'report button on member card' addon in 1.5

    I just have a small suggestion here. I would like it if they would add the 'report button on member card' addon to xenforo 1.5. It would have made reporting members convenient for someone who was not allowed to view their profile. Other than that,1.5 is awesome!(y)
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