Not a bug "Search titles only" doesn't seem to work properly


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xenforo-2.0 xenforo-1.5
To be fair, I don't know if this is a problem with Enhanced Search or something else:

If you go to the Search box here on the Xenforo forum, type in e.g. "mariadb" and then tick the "Search titles only" checkbox. Then search.

I would expect to get a result containing only titles that has the search term "mariadb" in them. However, this is not what happens. A couple of the titles don't have the search term in them, e.g. "Centmin Mod LEMP users get another 5-40% boost in performance".

I also see this issue on my own forum, which is running the latest 1.5 version and the latest Enhanced Search version for XF 1.5.

This seems like a bug to me ...
Looks like one common trend is that the threads without mariadb in the title have it as a tag. Not saying that's how it should or shouldn't function but just something I noticed.
That particular thread comes up because when indexing we append the tag list to the title to help make searches more relevant. That thread has a tag of "mariadb" hence it comes up when searching.

And considering the thread is specifically about a stack which includes MariaDB by default, I think that just goes to show that it is useful to do that.

Do you have any other examples?
Right, that seems to explain the issue I've noticed on my own forum as well.

I agree that it makes sense to include the tags in that search.

Though perhaps then the checkbox ought to say "Search titles and tags only"? Obviously, not a big deal.
Potentially but the problem there is that search is content agnostic and we can’t nevessarily guarantee that the content type you’re searching supports tags. I guess we could for the forum specific search but probably not a big deal. It’s mostly just a helper to improve result relevancy.
Maybe the solution here would be to offer this as an option to apply to the search indexer. I reported the same thing a while ago if you recall and the reply was obviously the same - it makes sense, so the option could be default to on, with a note about reducing search effectiveness or something.

I can see this causing confusion for forums converting from other software, where this behaviour didn't exist, and their users wanting to return to the old behaviour.

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