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DragonByte Tech
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Jun 23, 2017 at 12:31 PM
Oct 3, 2010
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Jan 1, 1900 (Age: 117)

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DragonByte Tech

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DragonByte Tech was last seen:
Jun 23, 2017 at 12:31 PM
    1. khan786
      I am new to this forum, I love your addons, they are amazing :) keep the good work up and running bro
    2. Bernando Bona Tius
      Bernando Bona Tius
      when hide thanks and like feature is converted to xenforo dbtech..?
    3. semprot
      Please make User note such as in VB. I will buy it. :)
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      3. semprot
        There are 2 usernote resources in XF now.
        But both seem abandoned.
        And they seem do not have at least same features as VB's.

        I think forum owners from VB which want to migrate (or have migrated) to XF will love this feature.

        How can i show if there are enough requests for it?
        Please let me know if you have created any thread to vote or something. :)
        Jun 2, 2016
      4. DragonByte Tech
        DragonByte Tech
        We read these profile comments as well as threads we're tagged in :)
        Jun 3, 2016
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      5. Alfa1
        I know that there is a lot of demand for a good usernotes addon, because there was plenty of discussion about the development of such on xenmods before Daniel Hood had to leave XF. XF has several related functions that vb doesn't have which can be utilized.
        Sep 15, 2016
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    4. Jim Kingsnorth
      Jim Kingsnorth
      DragonByte Tech, hoping you convert your vB arcade to XF. I for one would be happy to purchase the pro version of your arcade app!
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      3. Jim Kingsnorth
        Jim Kingsnorth
        Code Monkey, the reason I refused to switch to Xenforo was because of the lack of an arcade feature. When I saw that the authors of the arcade for IPS were not going to convert it to 4.0 I decided to make the switch to Xenforo. The XFarcade app may be bare bones, but it does work with the current release of XF. If DB Tech decides not to port their arcade, I guess I will just have to live with the current arcade.
        Apr 12, 2016
      4. Code Monkey
        Code Monkey
        I think with the imminent demise of flash some authors don't want to deal with it. They will have to learn HTML5 as well now for new games.
        Apr 14, 2016
      5. Jim Kingsnorth
        Jim Kingsnorth
        Yeah, pretty much gave up on a Xenforo arcade. Went back to an IPS 3.4 forum just for the arcade. The XFArcade was just too bare bones for my users. I will stick with IPS for the arcade forum and XF for the discussion forum.
        Jul 22, 2016
    5. Shiro
      Can you please consider making a points/credits system shop for Xenforo? The current options are very lacking and it'd really help. I'd buy in an instant.
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      2. DragonByte Tech
        DragonByte Tech
        I'm just gonna leave this here: https://i.imgur.com/ZVn5mD2.png ;)

        There's no ETA at the moment, though. I still have to finish up the Shout features, this is just something I do when I don't feel like working on Shout at the moment :)
        Oct 15, 2015
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      3. Shiro
        Hopefully this is sooner rather than later. I am incredibly disappointed by the current points systems offering, and I know you have a solid rep on vB.
        Oct 17, 2015
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    6. LeaderII
      Its been a while but ever planned on updating xFshout?
      1. DragonByte Tech
        DragonByte Tech
        Not part of our plans at the moment, unfortunately.
        Dec 22, 2013
    7. JordanH
      are you ever going to update xFShout?
    8. Sage Knight
      Sage Knight
      Glad to see you guys here!

      Honestly vB would have been boring without DBT =]
    9. RastaLulz
      Nice to see that you're back, would love to see continued development on xfShout; been using it since I switched to XenForo.
    10. account8226
      Nice to see you're starting to make new add-ons for XenForo.

      If I had a suggestion, you should make the exact same shoutbox that you made for vBulletin, since the Taiga shoutbox is making any forum lagging when it's fetching for messages.

      A notice system, ban system, kick, or prune system would be perfect too for that shoutbox.

      I am sure lot of people would pay for the pro version of it.

      Best regards.
    11. Mr. Goodie2Shoes
      Mr. Goodie2Shoes
      Welcome to the forums DBTech!
      Hope you'll give us some awesome add-ons same as you did for vB ;)
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