Resources by DragonByte Tech

[DBTech] DragonByte Member Map DragonByte Tech
Geolocate your members and plot them on an interactive Google map!
[DBTech] DragonByte Social Groups DragonByte Tech
Create private or public social groups from within your forum.
[DBTech] DragonByte eCommerce: Tickets DragonByte Tech
Handle support tickets for your DragonByte eCommerce products.
[DBTech] DragonByte eCommerce DragonByte Tech
Sell your products in the ultimate forum eCommerce solution.
[DBTech] DragonByte Shop DragonByte Tech
Members can buy permissions, features & more on your forum with points.
[DBTech] DragonByte Credits DragonByte Tech
Members can gain points for various things around the forum like posting.
[DBTech] DragonByte Mail DragonByte Tech
Create newsletter emails to your members.
[DBTech] DragonByte User Tagging DragonByte Tech
Allow members to use hash tags in posts and tag users in threads.
[DBTech] DragonByte Tweet Poster DragonByte Tech
Automatically post new threads to Twitter.
[DBTech] DragonByte User Upgrade Coupons DragonByte Tech
Create powerful coupons that can be applied to user upgrades.
[DBTech] DragonByte InfoPanels DragonByte Tech
Add panels showing forum statistics, latest posts, most popular content & more!
[DBTech] Preview Last Post DragonByte Tech
Hover over "last post date" in the thread list to see a preview!
[DBTech] DragonByte SEO URLs to XenForo 2 DragonByte Tech
Redirect your old DragonByte SEO URLs to XF2.
[DBTech] DragonByte WebP DragonByte Tech
Adds WebP support for XenForo Image Uploader and image processing libraries.
[DBTech] DragonByte Stripe Checkout DragonByte Tech
Activate Stripe Checkout for additional payment options from Stripe.
[DBTech] Payment UI DragonByte Tech
Improves the user experience of the Payment Profile UI.
[DBTech] DragonByte Spam Clean DragonByte Tech
Supercharge your spam cleaning efforts.
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