[DBTech] DragonByte eCommerce

[DBTech] DragonByte eCommerce

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Update highlights

This version reverts the ability to use SVG icons for invoice icons, as SVG icons are not compatible with PDF generation libraries being used.

Furthermore, a couple bugs reported since v3.0.0 was released have been resolved.

Complete Change Log

Revert: SVGs are no longer available as invoice icons, as this feature doesn't work with all invoice types
Fix: Fix CSRF error when approving products via the action bar
Fix: Public facing Income Stats for commissioned users would produce a server error
Update highlights

Welcome to perhaps the biggest update to eCommerce since its launch! 🎉

With over two dozen new features, changes and fixes, there's something for everyone. Without further ado, I'll talk about some of the bigger features and changes made in this version.

The biggest new feature is the introduction of an "All-Access Pass" (AAP) feature. Designed for digital downloads, this feature allows you to define a user group to have free access to your products. Licenses created via the AAP will remain valid until such a time as the access lapses (the user is no longer a member of the defined user group).

The idea is that you can sell access to this new user group via the XenForo "User Upgrade" system, with promotional messaging directing users towards said upgrade, which will then enable them to create AAP licenses with one click.

This setup allows you to offer a subscription price for your products, with the full power of XenForo's payment profile system as valid subscription methods.

The next big feature is an entirely new product type; Serial Key.

The Serial Key product type can either use a list of pre-defined keys, or auto-generate keys based on a formula you enter when creating the product. When users purchase a key, an unused key is selected from the list (or generated), and assigned to that license. Buyers will then be able to view their serial key from their license list, same as any other product.

Lastly, SVG files are now accepted for product icons and invoice icons. This allows you to create icons that look good at any resolution.

There's also been over a dozen changes and bug fixes, check the full change log for the details.

Complete Change Log

Feature: All-Access Pass
Feature: New product type: Serial Key
Feature: New widget: Random Products
Feature: SVG files are now supported as Invoice Icons
Feature: SVG files are now supported as Product Icons
Feature: Page Criteria: Is part of "All Access Pass"
Feature: Page Criteria: Categories & Products
Feature: Custom product fields can now be placed in a custom location via manual template edits
Feature: Custom product fields can now be placed below the product info block
Feature: New code events inside the performBuildTasks function in DownloadVersion/Generator service
Change: Update 3rd party libraries to improve PHP 8.1 compatibility
Change: Sales tax field is now shown in the address edit page even if VAT is disabled
Change: Implement isIgnored method to determine whether the current user is ignoring the user who added the download
Change: Order numbers are now displayed in order emails
Change: Product variation is now displayed in the "order fields" block during checkout
Change: AdminCP product list now uses pagination
Fix: Filtering by array product fields, or filtering by multiple product fields, would not work
Fix: Editing a user's address in the AdminCP would not save the "Default address" field
Fix: "Default Customers Group" would not be properly added to new products
Fix: Fix typo in Shipping alert setting
Fix: Fix layout distortion when a physical product is purchased along with another product type
Fix: aria-label was missing from the navbar checkout link
Fix: Only load the eCommerce Cart JavaScript in the front-end
Fix: Fix typo in VAT rate setting
Fix: Fix BBCode parsing in Approval Queue
Fix: Clarify that add-on products cannot be converted to a parent product
Fix: Free orders no longer require payment profiles to be configured
Fix: Users can no longer submit an order if their user state is anything other than "valid"
Update highlights

This version resolves a potential server error when viewing certain pages (mostly administrative editing pages).

Complete Change Log

Fix: Fix potential server errors when viewing certain pages
Update highlights

This version updates the country fetching code to be more reliable, and no longer requires an API key. If you previously had problems fetching the country list, please run the "Update country list" cron job one more time manually, after which the list should populate itself correctly.

Furthermore, since no API key is needed, fresh installation should once again find the country list pre-populated.

Complete Change Log

Change: Switch to a more stable method of updating the country list
Update highlights

This version resolves an issue where "Attachment" type digital downloads that had multiple different attachments would not work as intended.

Complete Change Log

Fix: Multi-attachment downloads would not work as intended
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Update highlights

This version adds a major new feature; quantity support for physical products. When adding the same product variant to cart, it'll also merge into the existing order item, making bulk orders easier than ever.

Another important change in this version is an update to support the new API for fetching the list of countries. You now require a (free) API key in order to fetch this data, added via the new setting.

Lastly, a few bugs have been fixed.

Complete Change Log

Feature: Physical products now have quantity support
Change: Rollup the product list / infinite scroll files to reduce amount of HTTP requests
Fix: Updated the Country API to account for changes in 3rd party services (now requires an API key)
Fix: Fix a potential server error
Update highlights

This version resolves an issue when loading options on certain pages other than the main AdminCP settings page.

Furthermore, an issue with viewing the license page without specifying a license key has been resolved.

Lastly, the product owner was missing from the "Grid" product list style.

Complete Change Log

Fix: Viewing a license page without specifying a license key could create a server error
Fix: When viewing options from pages other than the "Settings" page, a server error could be generated
Fix: The Product Owner was not showing on the Grid product list style
Update highlights

This version fixes a regression from v2.3.3 where the "submit without approval" was accidentally applied to licenses, not products.

Furthermore, a phrase for "Awaiting payment" has been added to the license page in the AdminCP, for licenses imported from XR Product Manager.

Complete Change Log

Fix: Add missing "Awaiting payment" phrase to the license view
Fix: The "Add products without approval" is now correctly applied to products, not licenses
Update highlights

This version adds a separate permission for being able to add a new product without requiring moderator approval.

Complete Change Log

Feature: New user group permission: Add products without approval
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Update highlights

This version updates the Infinite Scroll library to reduce its size, thus reducing load time for first time visitors. Furthermore, a bug has been resolved where an old product release thread would display a server error if the product had since been deleted.

Lastly, a couple bugs with the XR Product Manager importer has been resolved.

Complete Change Log

Change: Update Infinite Scroll library to reduce its file size
Fix: A thread belonging to a now-deleted product could produce a server error
Fix: Handle additional order states when importing from XR PM
Fix: Fix a server error when importing XR PM Product Fields