[DBTech] DragonByte Credits

[DBTech] DragonByte Credits 5.9.0

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!!!This version requires PHP 7.4+!!!

This version adds the ability to pay to unlock threads, as opposed to only being able to unlock the contents of a post. A separate page has been added to see all unlocked content a user has purchased.

You can now also configure the credits for any given event to expire after a certain period of time.

The payment profile template has been updated to match the latest XenForo standards.

This version also refactors some backend code and fixes a compatibility issue with PHP 8.4.

Complete Change Log

Feature: Pay to unlock threads
Feature: Page to see unlocked content
Feature: Expiring credits
Feature: Add support for cookie consent for payment profiles
Feature: Add warning when deleting events that have been used in transactions
Change: Refactored backend code
Change: Bump minimum PHP version to 7.4 and recommended version to 8.2
Change: Standardise payment profile display in the front-end to match XF's Account Upgrades
Change: Payment profile selection in the AdminCP now uses checkboxes
Fix: Fix potential server errors like "Attempt to read property 'node_id' on null"
Fix: Fix compatibility issue with XenForo 2.2.11 and older
Fix: Fix PHP 8.4 compatibility issue
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This version fixes an issue where during certain background tasks, a server error could appear and the task would be stuck.

Complete Change Log

Fix: Fix server error with certain background tasks
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This version fixes a server error that would be displayed when creating a new Purchase event.

Complete Change Log

Fix: Fix server error when creating a new Purchase event
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This version fixes an issue with rounding errors occurring when your currencies use multiple decimals, as well as an issue with certain events not correctly checking historical records for the Frequency setting.

Furthermore, internal changes have been made to help avoid issues with currency limits applying when they shouldn't, such as the AdminCP "Adjust" event when editing a user's currencies.

Complete Change Log

Fix: Fix rounding errors in transactions when using > 0 decimals
Fix: Fix AdminCP Adjust event being susceptible to currency limits
Fix: Correctly limit transactions based on their transaction date rather than the current time
Update highlights

This version fixes issues with various event triggers not respecting the "Frequency" event settings.

Complete Change Log

Fix:* The Daily, Interest, Taxation, Paycheck and Birthday events did not respect the "Frequency" related event settings
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This version fixes various issues reported by the community.

Complete Change Log

Fix: The currency setting "Maximum Earned" did not work as intended
Fix: Internal change to fix a developer-only issue
Fix: Fix missing phrase in Approval Queue
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This version implements the ability to disable the richest users' amounts in the overlay and widgets, as well as fixing a reported bug.

Complete Change Log

Feature: Per-currency option to disable richest users' amounts in overlay
Feature: Disable richest users' amounts in widget
Fix: Fix potential server error when merging posts
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This version corrects an issue with the new cron job in Beta 1 where it would not correctly insert new transactions due to the nature of cron jobs running as guest user.

Complete Change Log

Fix: The Daily Activity event would not properly trigger while in a cron job
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This version reworks the way daily credits operations are handled.

In previous versions, the following events would be handed the first time a user performed an activity on your forum that day:
  • Daily
  • Interest
  • Paycheck
  • Taxation
For the last 3, it would "catch up" if the user had not logged in for a significant amount of time.

This turned out to sporadically cause a problem wherein these events could be multiplied if users had multiple tabs open, and all of them performed some kind of action at the same time (such as refreshing a chat box every second). This only affected sites that had background operations that ran every second, otherwise collision protection would kick in. Still, the number of affected sites was greater than 0, and as such a solution was needed.

In v5.8, this code has now shifted to a cron-triggered rebuild job. What this means in practice is that those events will now be shifted to rewarding users for yesterday's activity at the end of the day, rather than giving them today's reward the first time they login. The upside to this is that there's no chance of collision, no matter how many tabs they open, because it's all handled by XenForo's cron job system.

This release is flagged as Beta because it's received limited amount of testing, but it should be functional enough for a production environment.

Complete Change Log

Change: Rework Daily Activity, Interest, Taxation and Paycheck to use cron jobs rather than login triggers
Fix: Prevent donating if either source is incapable of sending, OR target is incapable of receiving, donations
Update highlights

This version fixes an issue with the currency privacy setting, as well as a few PHP 8.1 related issues.

Complete Change Log

Fix: Fix an issue where the "Show to self and designated user groups" currency privacy setting did not apply correctly
Fix: Content type reference in the Transaction entity
Fix: Fix PHP 8.1 compatibility issue
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