[DBTech] DragonByte Credits

[DBTech] DragonByte Credits 5.0.3

No permission to buy ($27.50)
Compatible XF 2.x versions
Additional requirements
PHP 5.6+
Updates duration
3 Months - US $27.50 / 1 Year - US $37.50 / Lifetime - US $54.95 / Branding Free Add-On - US $75
Visible branding
Yes, but removable with payment
DragonByte Credits is a highly advanced credits system for XenForo that offers advanced functionality suitable for casual activity and serious eCommerce engines alike.


DragonByte Credits allows you to create powerful "Events" that can occur throughout your forum. With advanced features such as charging, random additions and taxation, you can create truly interesting combination of events that allows you an unprecendented amount of control over your credits.

Our Currency Manager allows you to create virtually unlimited different currencies, each with their own set of Events. Want to make a premium currency that can only be earned a certain way? DragonByte Credits gives you the tools to do so.

Backed up by an advanced Transaction Log, you'll know exactly where all your credits come and go.

Major Features

DragonByte Shop Integration: All of your DragonByte Shop purchases will show up in DragonByte Credits, allowing you to fully utilise the power of the Credits mod to support your Shop!

Powerful Events: You can create events and fine tune their functionality quickly and easily, with support for most XenForo functionality.

Redemption Codes: Via the "Redeem" event, you can create coupon codes your users can apply to instantly earn credits!

[CHARGE=X] BBCodes: Via the "Content" event, users can charge other users to view certain content.

Alerts: Full XenForo Alert support for all 30+ event types (current & upcoming)!

Developer Friendly: Powerful callback support for all Credits actions, as well as full XFCP support for extending virtually every piece of functionality and every action page!

Complete Feature List

Currency Management
  • Allows you to create different currencies stored in different database tables or columns
  • Control the rounding applied to the currency
  • Choose how to handle negative credits (reset to 0, show 0 or allow negatives)
  • Choose the currency's visibility (show to designated usergroups, show to self and designated usergroups, or show to everyone)
  • Prefix and Suffix support for display purposes
  • Advanced settings to control table integration

Event Trigger Management
  • Review a list of the different events, grouped by category
  • While in debug mode, settings can be altered if you are creating a new event trigger or you know what each setting does
  • Event Triggers are grouped under Accounts, Time, Discussions, Networking, Sharing, Behaviour or Options
  • Inactive event triggers are not yet implemented and will be enabled in a future version

Event Management
  • Review a list of the different events, grouped by currency
  • Create new events with powerful options (see screenshots)
  • Mass update the events from the list view

User Management
  • Search for users using the same search fields as the normal XF AdminCP user search
  • View a paginated list of users & their credits values for each of your currencies
  • Quickly update any user's points, complete with transaction log support (will show as "Adjustment by administrator" in the "Notes" field)

Daily/Weekly/Monthly Statistics [NOT YET IMPLEMENTED, FUTURE UPDATE]
  • <currency> Earned
  • <currency> Spent
  • Income (from purchasing credits with real money)

  • Full XenForo Alert system support
  • Unique phrases for every combination of currency movement for all 30+ event types (current & upcoming)
  • Can be enabled/disabled per-event

Criteria: Fewer than X Credits
  • Ability to create trophies etc. using "Fewer than X <currency>" criteria

Criteria: More than X Credits
  • Ability to create trophies etc. using "More than X <currency>" criteria

Events are how you let members earn credits. You can create as many events from each of the event triggers as you want.
  1. Purchase - Buying internet points with real money via PayPal.
  2. Content - Using [CHARGE=X] BBCode to charge other users to see your post's content.
  3. Redeem - Using a redemption code
  4. Adjust - Manipulating the currency of someone else.
  5. Conversation - Sending a Private Message
  6. Donate - Transferring currency to another user.
  7. Download - Downloading a forum attachment.
  8. Downloaded - Someone else downloading your attachment.
  9. Thread - Posting a new thread
  10. Post - Adding a post to a thread
  11. Reply - Someone else posting in your thread
  12. Post Like - Liking a post
  13. Post Liked - Someone else liked your post.
  14. Post Rate - Rating a post using the "Post Ratings" mod
  15. Post Rated - Someone else rated your post using the "Post Ratings" mod
  16. Profile - Someone else viewing your profile. Events should be limited.
  17. Visit - Viewing a profile. Earning events should be limited. Charged events will lock out guests.
  18. View - Viewing a thread. Charged events will lock out guests.
  19. Viewed - Someone else viewing your thread. Events should be limited.
  20. Upload - Uploading a new attachment.
  21. Tag - Applying a descriptive label to a thread.
  22. Revive - Posting in a dormant thread.
  23. Message - Leaving a message on someone else's profile
  24. Messaged - Someone else leaving a message on your profile
  25. Warning - Receiving a Warning
  26. Daily Activity - Awarded on first login each day
  27. Follow - Following someone
  28. Followed - Someone else following you
  29. Poll - Posting a poll
  30. Vote - Voting in a poll
  31. Sticky - Your thread becoming sticky
  32. XenForo Media Gallery Upload - Uploading new MediaGallery Media.
  33. XenForo Media Gallery Download - Usergroups that can be affected by this event
  34. XenForo Media Gallery Downloaded - Someone else downloading your MediaGallery media.
  35. XenForo Media Gallery Comment - Adding a comment to a MediaGallery media resource.
  36. XenForo Media Gallery Commented - Someone else commenting on your MediaGallery media resource.
  37. XenForo Media Gallery Rate - Rating MediaGallery media.
  38. XenForo Media Gallery Rated - Someone else rated your MediaGallery media.
  39. sonnb XenGallery Upload - Uploading new XenGallery Media.
  40. sonnb XenGallery Download - Usergroups that can be affected by this event
  41. sonnb XenGallery Downloaded - Someone else downloading your XenGallery media.
  42. sonnb XenGallery Comment - Adding a comment to a XenGallery media resource.
  43. sonnb XenGallery Commented - Someone else commenting on your XenGallery media resource.
  44. Transfer - Moving your own currency from one form to another.
  45. XenForo Resource Manager Upload - Uploading a new XenResource resource.
  46. XenForo Resource Manager Update - Adding an update to a XenResource resource.
  47. XenForo Resource Manager Download - Downloading a XenResource resource.
  48. XenForo Resource Manager Downloaded - Someone else downloading your XenResource resource.
  49. XenForo Resource Manager Comment - Adding a comment to a XenResource resource.
  50. XenForo Resource Manager Commented - Someone else commenting on your XenResource resource.
  51. XenForo Resource Manager Rate - Rating a XenResource resource.
  52. XenForo Resource Manager Rated - Someone else rated your XenResource resource.
  53. Interest - Growing the value of your currency over time.
  54. Taxation - Reducing the value of your currency over time. Optionally transfer taxed credits to a certain user.
  55. Paycheck - Occurs at regular intervals.
  56. Trophy - Being awarded a new trophy.
  57. Registration - A new user registers on the forum.
  58. Give Warning - Applying a warning to someone else.
  59. Upload Avatar - Uploading a new avatar.
  60. Report Content - Reporting a piece of content to the moderators.
  61. Reported Content - Your content was reported to the moderators.
  62. Sportsbook Wager - Placing a wager on an event
  63. Sportsbook Wagered - Someone placed a wager on your event
  64. Sportsbook Open Bet - Creating an open bet
  65. Sportsbook Open Bet Accept - Accepting an open bet
  66. Sportsbook Open Bet Accepted - Someone accepting your open bet
  67. Sportsbook Bet Challenge - Creating a bet challenge with another member
  68. Sportsbook Bet Challenge Accept - Accepting a bet challenge
  69. Sportsbook Bet Challenge Accepted - Someone accepting your bet challenge
  70. XenMedio Upload - Uploading new XenMedio Media.
  71. XenMedio Comment - Adding a comment to a XenMedio media resource.
  72. XenMedio Commented - Someone else commenting on your XenMedio media resource.
Some events can be limited by user group and/or forum. Other settings are available per event.

Strike-through events do not function in XF2 (yet!) although they will appear in the Event Trigger list.

All events have the following Advanced Settings:
  • Frequency
  • Maximum Applications
  • Limit Period
  • Alert
DragonByte Tech
First release
Last update
3.33 star(s) 3 ratings

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Latest reviews

So far no complaints. Support and community has been extremely helpful in getting me setup and running. No trouble running the add-on at all with a fresh install of XF 2.7. Thanks guys!
The add-on could've been cool, but there are some major points which forced me to rate this add-on just with 2 stars.

Being a paid add-on I would have expected adequate support from the developer(s) which instead delayed replied to my questions (if lucky) or didn't reply at all and at least some documentation which this add-on totally lacks for, except for a few outdated and unrelated guides you might find here and there about a similar script for another forum platform. This add-on should be marked as (beta) as it's definitely not suitable for a live site. Also, after 5 months, I'm still unable to download any invoices from their site, which, in the meantime, even migrated to another platform and was quite a mess at first, with many settings missing such as the possibility to remove an item added to the cart (which was 2 weeks later fixed).

If developers would have showed higher interest into making this add-on worth the money you paid for, I'm sure this could have potentially been the #1 add-on sold on Xenforo, but I feel there's no interest at all into this project, which seem more like a bad upgrade from its (probably cool) previous version which ran on xenforo 1 I didn't have the luck to try which turned into a nightmare for developers since it was ported to xenforo 2.

Last but not least, I didn't like the fact that we're forced to advertise the authors behind this add-on since they hard-coded the urls which always have the word "dbtech" inside (example.com/dbtech-credits/) , so everyone who will use any parts of this scripts on any site, will have their brand name "dbtech" shown in the link they're visiting.
DragonByte Tech
DragonByte Tech
Priority support is always handled @ our website. It's not always possible to keep up to date with threads here @ XF.com, especially during busy periods. I do apologise for the delay you experienced.

You are correct that there was a period of time prior to our migration where invoices were unavailable due to a bug in the old invoicing system. However, ever since our migration, you can download invoices from our site by going to your account here: https://www.dragonbyte-tech.com/store/account then click "Download invoice" in the Manage drop-down. If you are experiencing difficulty downloading invoices since our migration, it would probably be better if you notified us of this @ our site rather than post your complaint inside a review for one of our products, as this is 100% unrelated to DragonByte Credits.
Also, it was always possible to remove an item added to the cart. You would previously go to the "Checkout" page, then tick the box next to the item, then delete the item. I don't know where you got the idea from that it was not possible to remove items added to the cart, but this is simply false and has been false since day 1. Like the invoice complaint, this is also 100% unrelated to DragonByte Credits.

Lastly, you are completely incorrect in saying that the URLs are hard-coded. Are you familiar with the "route filters" system in XenForo 2? If not, I would recommend you read up on it, instead of complaining to addon developers who use a vendor prefix on their default URLs in order to avoid potential conflicts.
it does not have the possibility to manage credits in uploading and downloading resources. On their site there isn't possibility to open a ticket. Ticket button is not visible.
DragonByte Tech
DragonByte Tech
This is not true. You have opened multiple support tickets @ our site: https://www.dragonbyte-tech.com/threads/i-cant-deactivate-or-set-any-event-triggers.22389/ and this ticket opened by one of your staff members: https://www.dragonbyte-tech.com/threads/download-upload.22390/

Furthermore, the description of this product states that the Resource Manager integration is not currently present in the XF2 version.

Do you think it's fair to leave a three-star review when you did not read the product description? Do you think it's fair to spread false information regarding our website?