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xenforo 2.0

  1. Darcyys

    XF 2.0 Show Latest post on root forum, add image to every post. SSL slowing xenforo? etc

    Hi xenforo community Before all, sorry for my english :( and thanks for your help :) I'm starting with xenforo, and i have a few questions that are currently perturbing my mind. Im using xenforo 2.0 beta 3 . 1. Is there any way to show the latest post on the root forum? (for xenforo 2) i...
  2. Sobolev

    Xenforo 2.0 Beta

    When release a Xenforo 2.0 Beta?
  3. CabCon

    XF 2.0 Import Data from xenForo 1.X to 2.X

    Hello everyone, I was wondering if it's possible to import the data from xenForo 1.x to the new xenForo 2.x. If yes, is there any guide for it? Best regards, CabCon.
  4. Neutral Singh

    XenForo 2.0 Discussion!

    Wooohooo! Finally!! Congratulations to everybody in building this beauty! :love::love::love::love::love: .
  5. Sadik B

    XenForo 2.0 Sample Addons

    Hello, I read through the Development updates for 2.0 posted on the Demo site. I suggest that after the release of xenforo 2.0 Developer preview, please release one or more sample addons demonstrating the alternatives for controller, model, datawriters and views as in 1.0 and also the new...
  6. A

    Add filter to member page and its subpages (where appropriate)

    This suggestion concerns the member page and its subpages on XF 2 demo. The current way of producing lists of cumulative numbers (most messages, likes, points) without the ability to specify time intervals is limiting. In terms of user activity, it is often more revealing to learn who's posted...
  7. V

    Gmail style "X New" on Thread Listing

    How about adding unread message count and display in gmail style On thread listing
  8. XenForo 2.0

    XenForo 2.0

  9. katsulynx

    Duplicate Redactor Update

    XenForo is currently running a modified version 8.2.6 of Redactor. The current version however is 10.2.3 and Redactor had tons of improvements and bugfixes since. Is there any chance we're going to see an update of the integrated Redator with XenForo 2.0?
  10. Kintaro

    Touch UX (xenForo 2.0)

    A more advanced responsive theme with more mobile and touch feelings. Examples: Big buttons Animations Gestures Side menu floating things (floating menu, reply box, sidebars) etc