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  1. rmfaisal59

    My Enhanced search is not showing suggestions (Drop Down)

    So I have everything legit and connected to Elastic Search server and search is working perfectly however I don't see auto suggestions/drop down.
  2. N

    XenForo Enhanced Search - FRENCH translation [Paid]

    nicodak submitted a new resource: XenForo Enhanced Search - FRENCH translation - A french translation of the Enhanced Serach add-on from XenForo Read more about this resource...
  3. Ozzy47

    XenForo Enhanced Search - FRENCH translation 2.2.2

    French translation of the XenForo Enhanced Search - XFES add-on from @XenForo
  4. vFranky

    XF 2.2 Enhanced Search, how to set order to date instead of relevance

    Hello, the default setting for search is relevance, but I like to have the output sorted by date instead. How and where can I configure this? I am using Enhanced Search. Kind regards, Frank
  5. Chromaniac

    Ability to refresh similar threads of a thread on demand

    There is a 14 day cache which is a great idea in 99% of the cases. But sometimes during special events where multiple threads on same topic are created in a short period of time (apple launch event for instance), older threads would not show newer threads in similar threads box even though there...
  6. Wasserlasser

    Unmaintained French Translation Enhanced Search 2.1.4

    The french translation for the enhanced search of your XenForo board.
  7. Frode789

    What improvements does ES add to your forum

    For those who run it: What specific things does it add, that you could not have lived without? Just trying to get some overview about what things it improves XF on, that could be useful.
  8. karll

    Unmaintained ElasticSearch 7 on CentOS

    Xenforo Enhanced Search depends on ElasticSearch 2.0+. Installing and configuring ElasticSearch so it works with XF might be a challenge for some, so I have put together some quick instructions for installing it on CentOS 7. With some tweaks the instructions should probably work on other...
  9. IgorG

    XF 2.1 Correct upgrade sequence

    I have Xenforo 1.5.24 with XenForo Resource Manager and Xenforo Enhanced Search plugins installed (versions for XenForo 1.5.x). Now I have to upgrade my forum to XenForo 2.1.x with corresponding versions of the same plugins with saving all data. If I start the upgrade XenForo first, will it not...
  10. B

    XF 2.1 Enhanced Search - I would like to show results from a FAQ forum first

    Is there any way to configure the enhanced search to return results from s specific forum first?
  11. creativeforge

    XF 2.1 Enhanced Search results - not ordered by date?

    Hi, I'm trying to setup the search (using Enhanced Search as well) to display results by date, from the most recent to the older. How could I do that? https://vi-control.net/community Thanks! Andre
  12. eva2000

    XF 2.1.0 Search Term Matching inconsistency ?

    I have an XF 2.1.0 test install with Enhanced search 2.1.0 addon installed and tried the following search terms - 7.2.14, 7.2 and 7.2* with and without @Xon search improvements addon enabled and seem to get inconsistent matches with word stemming enabled ? The search term = 7.2 only matches...
  13. karll

    Not a bug "Search titles only" doesn't seem to work properly

    To be fair, I don't know if this is a problem with Enhanced Search or something else: If you go to the Search box here on the Xenforo forum, type in e.g. "mariadb" and then tick the "Search titles only" checkbox. Then search. I would expect to get a result containing only titles that has the...
  14. S

    Enhanced Search - fallback to normal search?

    Hi, is there an option if the elasticsearch server isn't available/down, a search will be provided by the built-in search? If not, woul you mind to implement such a feature?
  15. duderuud

    Implemented Ability to optimize ES with cli

    With the cmd.php tool it's possible te rebuild the search index (thanks for that!). Rebuilt the index, triggered by the admin ES page which stated optimization was needed. But after reindexing was done, the GUI still reports that optimization is needed. How can I fix that (with the cli)? Maybe...
  16. Sunka

    Elasticsearch 6 (install and basic configuration)

    This is tutorial for installing (not upgrading) elasticsearch 6 on centos. If I am missing something, please post here. Delete first old one if you have installed and install fresh new one elasticsearch v6 yum remove elasticsearch Installing elasticsearch 6 rpm --import...
  17. creativeforge

    Enhanced Search broken?

    Enhanced Search seems to have issues. Using 1.1.4. Yesterday I deleted over 200 pages worth of server errors. Today, I have 24 pages again. I downloaded the upgrade to 1.1.6, but what do I do with this? "It is important that the files on the server and what you're uploading are "merged"...
  18. S

    Searching while avoiding accents and other special characters

    I've read about ascii folding using elasticsearch, I was wondering if there was any way to incorporate this into Enhanced Search? My forum does a lot of searching by name and it would be very useful to have the search engine catch names that use things like accents or diaereses without having to...
  19. B

    Issue setting up Enhanced Search on AWS

    We're running Xenforo on AWS, but are experiencing some issues setting up Enhanced Search that we were hoping someone might be able to help with. We have three machines running: a web server, a database, and a search machine. All the ports are open to allow the machines to talk to each other...
  20. janowitz

    Elasticsearch 2.0.0 released

    Elasticsearch 2.0.0 has just been released and I wonder, if my XenForo installation can profit somehow from it or if I should stay with 1.x for now. At least their announced performance improvements sound good for me... Does XenForo Enhanced Search already support this release or should we wait...
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