Implemented Ability to optimize ES with cli


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With the cmd.php tool it's possible te rebuild the search index (thanks for that!).

Rebuilt the index, triggered by the admin ES page which stated optimization was needed.
But after reindexing was done, the GUI still reports that optimization is needed.

How can I fix that (with the cli)? Maybe adding an option to optimize the index with the cmd.php tool?
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The truncate option with all content type (php cmd.php xf-rebuild:search --truncate) deletes the entire index and recreates it, which is what optimize does for ElasticSearch 6.x+


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I'll say this is mostly implemented, as the search rebuilding system does this.

If optimization required gets stuck to yes, I imagine that there may be an add-on involved that is changing one of the type mappings in an unexpected way (and depending on the situation, that might be a bug with the add-on).