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  1. XF2 beta 4 Dual Nodes Concept

    XF2 beta 4 Dual Nodes Concept

    Just a rough dual node concept that works responsively.
  2. creativeforge

    XF 1.5 Globally hide forums/nodes from Latest Posts/Recent Posts?

    Hi, I've searched but couldn't find info on this. How can I exclude a forum/node from showing up in the Latest Posts/Recent Posts? We'd lke to exclude a "political" forum from these. No need for it. Thanks!
  3. creativeforge

    XF 1.5 Word-wrap nodes descriptions?

    I'm having this situation here, and it looks pretty bad. The description slides under the "Latest" info. How could I "word-wrap" descriptions? Thanks!
  4. S

    XF 1.5 How do I find out node ID?

    I have a template that is associated with a page. However, it is not in the node list. How do I find out the node ID dynamically?
  5. fahad ashraf

    Limit Threads and Post 1.0

    Limit Threads and Post (Xenbulletin) Demo "PM for credentials" This addon limited the user for thread and post creation according to UserGroup Node Features: Group Permissions determine which group can create limited thread and post Node options determine which Node have limited thread...
  6. W

    XF 1.5 Can I create a node so it's only visible for moderators?

    I'd like to create a node for moderators where only they can enter an see the messages. I guess making it invisible to the users is the best option. Is that possible? I found no options for that.
  7. W

    XF 1.5 Issues with node icons

    Hi there, I've realized how to change the default icons for custom ones on my forum. I managed to change them sucesfully. I added this to the extra.css file: /* boombox techtalk */ .nodeList .node_4 .nodeIcon{ content: url('@imagePath/xenforo/icon-techtalk.png'); height: 55px; width: 80px...
  8. Rustywasp

    XF 1.5 Different/Individual Images for each Node Category Title

    So I'd like to be able to set an individual image for each category on the forum. As right now to set an image at all, you need to set it for all of them. Which I do not want. So is there a way to separate them into individual css classes so that I can edit them individually?
  9. Neutral Singh

    Add-on Must acknowledge a popup notice to view a node

    Is there any add-on which can allow a person reading or posting in a node only after accepting & acknowledging our message shown in a popup... we are opening a node which may contain references to topics, which may be unsuitable for minors under age of 18. I want to the members to accept &...
  10. dondomainer

    XF 1.5 How can I do clickable categories ?

    From the beginning. I have several categories with their respective forums, but when i make click on one of these categories (at home) the url change, but the content is equal to home, I mean, other categories continue to appear along with their sub-forums. My question is, how I can make...
  11. BassMan

    [cXF] Membership Node Page [Paid]

    BassMan submitted a new resource: [cXF] Membership Node Page - Create Membership page for user upgrades with node page. Read more about this resource...
  12. BassMan

    [cXF] Membership Node Page 1.2.0

    Description: Create Membership page for user upgrades with node page. DEMO is on our site as navigation tab (with Nodes As Tabs add-on). Features: add Membership page with creating a node page possible to add template or node page link to different areas (like navigation tab with [cXF]...
  13. G

    Duplicate Implement better nodes ordering (drag & drop)

    I'm very bored about the node ordering module... Why you don't implement nativly a way of be able to order more easily nodes, like drag & drop ? I have more than 300 forums and it's very very... very ennoying when I have to moove something.. Addons in the resources doesn't work until 1.5. Thanks.
  14. Noobz347

    Lack of interest Batch Update Node Permissions

    Would be nice to have a way to batch update node permissions. Ex: Multi-select nodes and see one list. List values are all null. If one selection is clicked (any perm level) and saved then that perm will be set to that position for each node selected. To change the perm to null: Click any...
  15. ThemeHouse

    Unmaintained [TH] Node Name in Reports List 1.0.0

    What does this add-on do? This add-on displays the node name and node link when your moderators are browsing the reports list.
  16. ThemeHouse

    Unmaintained [TH] Node Numbers 1.0.0

    What does this add-on do? Prefixes the display order number in the Node Tree in the Admin Control Panel. This is useful for websites that have large numbers of nodes that need reordering as it shows all your display order numbers in one place.
  17. ThemeHouse

    Unmaintained [TH] Node Language Override 1.0.1

    What does this add-on do? This add-on allows you to override the display language of the entire page for certain forums.