XF 2 Wordpress to Xenforo Custom Sync Plugin


Hey guys, i need a developer to build a custom plugin bridge from wordpress to xenforo, the plugin we use for memberships is memberpress.
Tried using XFtoWp plugin, it works to an extent, but due to specific ways memberpress operates it fails to function properly.

What we need:
Mirror option, when user creates an account and purchases a membership, the account also gets created on XF, and user is given a certain user upgrade.
The trouble with WPtoXf is that, memberpress leaves, on my estimation up to 24hrs for a renewal to be made, and after the renewal gets processed, 12hrs to claim the previous memberhip to be expired.
In that sequence XFtoWP, adds an user upgrade, and after 12hrs it removes the user upgrade 😣
We need a plugin that is going to register if a new purchase has been made or not, in order to decide if the user upgrade should be removed or not.
If you'd like you can hire me to take a closer look and see why your setup works differently than other sites using MemberPress/XFtoWP. I'll message you at the support forums.
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