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  1. Subi888

    XF 2 Wordpress to Xenforo Custom Sync Plugin

    Hey guys, i need a developer to build a custom plugin bridge from wordpress to xenforo, the plugin we use for memberships is memberpress. Tried using XFtoWp plugin, it works to an extent, but due to specific ways memberpress operates it fails to function properly. What we need: Mirror option...
  2. kolakube

    WordPress bridge plugin (beta) - user verify, thread replies, conversations, and more

    Over the last few months since switching my forums to XenForo I have been building the addon I've always wanted since I started selling my products online - a way to let my customers verify themselves to my support forums. In years of selling products online I have been manually promoting new...
  3. Michael Murguia

    Wordpress -> Xenforo Bridge and User Sync

    Hello all, My needs should be fairly simple? I need a single sign on and account syncing bridge for wordpress. I have been researching this topic for a few weeks off and on now. I've installed third party add-ons, tried to get support, etc, but have not found a solution. I had a preexisting...
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