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  1. N

    I Need Custom Xenforo and Wordpress Dev Work

    I need a dev that knows Xenforo and Wordpress really well. I have a popular Xenforo site at and you’ll notice there is a separate site for selling swag at The swag site is Wordpress. is not yet wordpress. I want to merge these so that...
  2. forumSolution

    ForumSolution-Complete services of forum (Development , Design , Migration and more)

    Hi everyone, I have more than 10 years of experience working with clients on a different PHP projects Services: Custom Addon development services (xf1 $ xf2) Installation Migration from any framework on xenforo Convert xf1 addon on xf2 Custom Design Extend functionally of any existing addon...
  3. S

    Seeking Xenforo Developer for Custom RSS Widget

    Hi there. We are looking to have a custom RSS widget developed for XenForo 1.5.24. Below are the specific requirements of this widget. Our timeline is rather tight as we'd like to have this operational in one week. Are there any members of this community that are interested in developing...
  4. B

    Custom development Attachment Limit Add-on

    This is the description with full details: I would like to have add-on that's compatible with the last version of Xenforo. I have a website with more than 10000 trades and each trade has several attachment files inside it. And I have 5 user group: bronze, silver, platinum, gold, unlimited...
  5. sodium

    ask for custom development addon

    We are looking for a licence key system for your forum, where a user buys a package and receives a key, then they redeem it and gets access until the subscription ends. Below is the proper things we want- 1. We want a system where licence key gets generated against the subscription package...
  6. Miggy

    Multi-forum in one site domain

    Hello, We have an existing forum and we are planning to migrate it to XenForo 2 due to some issues we encountered. Questions: 1. How difficult it is to update the XenForo UI to match with our requirements and preference. Propose design : *Landing Page --> *Selected game/forum --> Show forum...
  7. A

    XF 2.0 Customize XenForo code

    Hi Everyone, We have a website and I need the following: 1) When the user creates an account we also create an account in Xenforo forums and the user has an access to member forums. 2) If the user purchases a particular product then he will have an access to the respective forums 3) If the...
  8. D

    Addon Development | Xenforo Hosting | Migration Services | Monthly Maintenance

    Hello Everyone, I have more than 2 years of experience in XenForo development, And working full time as a full stack software developer. Here, I can offer you different services for your XenForo forum, to work and run smoothly. 1) Addon Development Custom add-on development. Extend existing...
  9. wagrasol

    *XenForo Addon Development *Consultation *Migration Services

    Announcement: Some companies pay puppets to blame and downgrade competitors to win business,Some characterless people were trying to defame our work and have effected this thread. Some Companies want you to pay thosands of dollars for small modifications and addons they do not want others to...
  10. rajraj

    I am looking for xenforo development

    I am looking for xenforo customization. Who could help me?
  11. gabarba

    Hi All, We just launched our site not to long ago as open beta and I was wondering if I could get some feedback on what you guys all think. This is my first time at developing a community site so any feedback is welcome. Primarily I develop tools for Magento so I was...
  12. ForumCube

    Complete Xenforo 2.x & 1.x Custom Services Expert Company | + 8 Years Experience

    Hello Everyone! We are ForumCube offering the services of Custom Add-on Development | Custom Styling | Xenforo Migration from different forum software| Technical Support & Consulting. We have versatile experience of eight years in the forum software field and yes we have got grey hairs in this...
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