Custom development Attachment Limit Add-on

This is the description with full details:
I would like to have add-on that's compatible with the last version of Xenforo.
I have a website with more than 10000 trades and each trade has several attachment files inside it.
And I have 5 user group: bronze, silver, platinum, gold, unlimited download "VIP".
I wanna apply attachment file download limitation for each of the user groups.
(For example: bronze: 15, silver: 30, platinum: 50 gold: 70 and no limitations for VIP).
And don't wanna apply limitations for files' sizes and I only wanna limit the number of files.
Because size of the files differ from KB to GB. (whether they wanna download 15 files that are 6 KB or 6 GB. Number of files is important and size is not important).
And last but not least, I'd like to have a section that only admins can see it, I'd like you to add a counter (download tracker) along with each attachment file so that we can find out how many times and by who, each attachment file is downloaded.
Anyone who can help please send a private message.
Thank you.