Seeking Xenforo Developer for Custom RSS Widget

Hi there. We are looking to have a custom RSS widget developed for XenForo 1.5.24. Below are the specific requirements of this widget. Our timeline is rather tight as we'd like to have this operational in one week. Are there any members of this community that are interested in developing this for us? If so, please message me.

Custom XenForo 1.5.24 RSS Sidebar Widget Specs

  1. Displays items from an RSS feed. These items are going to be recent blog posts from different blogs, and recent videos published to YouTube channels.

  2. Has the ability to deliver multiple RSS feeds. The items would NOT be "mixed" from multiple feeds, however. Feed items would only display alongside the other recent items from their RSS feed.

  3. Has the ability to "cycle" through RSS feeds based on page load. For example, when a user loads a page - in the RSS widget they would see the most recent feed items from RSS Feed A. If they load the page again, this time they may see the recent feed items from RSS Feed B.

  4. Has the ability for us to define the frequency of the cycling of the feeds. For example, we will want to have Feed A display in the widget 70% of the time, and have the items from Feed B display the other 30% of the times.

  5. Has the ability to display recent feed items from a blog RSS feed

  6. Has the ability to display recent feed items from a YouTube channel RSS feed

  7. Has the ability for us to define specific forum IDs so we can control with specific forum, or forums the widget displays in.

Please let me know if you have any questions. Thanks!
We are very interested and have the ability to develop this for you. I have started a private conversation to discuss further!
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